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Make It Work

Melissa is feeling optimistic about her and Teresa's relationship.

By Melissa Gorga

On display, on display, on display! Hi, everyone, hope you all had an incredible weekend! I know it was gay pride everywhere! Live and let live! I was supposed to be on the NBC float with Bravo at the parade in NYC, but Antonia was not feeling well so I didn't want to leave her. She's feeling better now, thank god! I know it was amazing, and I was there in spirit!

How to Watch

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo and stream next day on Peacock.

On to the episode. It was very sad to see Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship in such a bad place. Watching Jacqueline weep like that was such a real moment, and you could see that she was really hurt and upset. You can see in her eyes that it's hurting her. I hope that they can both find some peace.

Drunk but Not Wrong
Ryan Seacrest! Yes, I needed makeup on to call Ryan Seacrest! This is huge for me. He personally picks which songs he will debut, and he chose mine! I felt honored and extremely excited. This doesn't happen every day. I wish you could have heard more of the conversation between Ryan and me, it was pretty funny. He's a great guy and I appreciated it so much! How about Gino clocking Joe in his head? OMG it was hysterical! That little boy is special. I love him more than words can describe! Antonia loves to put my makeup on. Joe hates it; he gets crazy if she puts red Chapstick on! I feel bad for her, because she's not going to be allowed to leave the house until she's 25! That's OK, she will be my best friend forever.

Joe thought it would be a great idea to have a party to celebrate On Display, so of course we did. We really do look for any excuse to get our family and friends together and make memories!

Of course there is always some drama, but at least Teresa and I laid it all out on the table. When Teresa asked me about Danielle, I told her the truth. I was wrong, so I apologized and hopefully we have moved past this. She is the one constantly saying to forget about the past and move on. You saw the solstice party episode, right? I forgave and moved on, because she is family. I know I'm never going to get her to totally change the way she treats me, but as long as she backs off my marriage, we can do this. The talk Teresa had with Joe made me smile. It makes me feel like she may really be ready to move on. Does everyone see why I love him so much? He said it himself, he's weak for her whenever she is in front of him and he forgets about everything. That's a great brother who loves his sister. He would never look at her and turn her away when she finally wants to mend the relationship. I know a lot of you are concerned that she is running to Kathy, Joe, and me because things have gone sour with her friends and they don't want to deal with her anymore. You know what, that may be the case, but to be honest I'm going to give her the chance to prove it. She is family, she is Joe’s only sister. She may need us now, and we won't turn our backs on her. It's not our style. There is love there if she could just get past the competitive BS. I'm going to be optimistic and put my all into the relationship. I really do want it to work. For the first time in my life, I feel like we are both really going to try and fix this. I truly want to enjoy her company and not because I have to, because I want to.

One last thing, when we taped the episode, I referred to when Jacqueline punched Caroline. I had heard about the situation from Teresa, and she has talked about it in previous episodes. But as I have gotten closer to both Jacqueline and Caroline, I learned that at the time Jacqueline was suffering from post-partum depression. I realize now that it was a bad example to give Teresa during our conversation. Post-partum is a very serious issue, and I shouldn’t have referred to it.

I'm so happy you all love the remix of On Display! It’s my favorite! That was my first song, it's my baby, and I will never forget what it felt like to hear it on the radio with Ryan Seacrest! Thank you, Jesus!

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The support from the Bravo fans is unbelievable . I love you all. Thank you.



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