That Was Easy

That Was Easy

Melissa thinks she and Teresa finally managed to get along.

Happy Birthday, Antonia! My beautiful baby girl turned 6! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, smart, and good little girl in my life. She really is the sweetest little thing inside and out. I’ve always thrown her beautiful birthday parties; it’s what I love to do! It’s one of the reasons I love being a mom.  For as long as I can remember I’ve just always wanted to have babies and do all the beautiful things mommies do! I only have one little girl, so I love to give her everything I can and enjoy these precious baby years for as long as she will let me. I know she won’t let me dress her in the frilly outfits with the big headbands and feather hats forever. But for now she loves it, so I’m not going to stop until she makes me! The party was so much fun and all the kids had such an incredible time. This is what’s important in life, watching the kids smile and just enjoying life together!

For those asking why I had my makeup done for the birthday, well, hello! I wanted to look nice! To be honest I hired a professional photographer to capture the day -- memories, memories, memories! So if figured I’d get my makeup done so I could have some great pictures from the day. I know I’ve said this before, but I have a picture obsession! I will post some of them from the party on my website today, so be sure to go check them out!

It was great to see Teresa and Joe getting along at the party. See how easy it is? Just enjoy each other! Joe mentioned how the therapist said a Sunday dinner would be great for us. I really thought it was a great idea and immediately invited everyone to my house. I loved being able to play with Teresa about the sprinkle cookies! That’s how sister-in-laws should be.  They should be able to play with one another. That is all I want. I just want a happy, normal relationship with her so that we can get our families together. Is that so hard? It’s not for me! I’m happy Teresa is getting to the point where she is realizing that life is too short to worry about the petty things. I hope she is going to start having a more positive attitude about my marriage, my music, and my kids, and just stop overanalyzing me and everything I do. It must be draining for her to worry about me all day and worry about how we are living our life.I do think sharing an RV together is a good thing! I want to dive right in. That’s how I am -- when I call truce, I call truce! I would never do anything to sabotage this good thing we have going. So as long as Teresa doesn’t, I don’t see how anything could ever go wrong again. This is how I felt when we were shooting this episode. Does it stay like that? Well you will have to keep watching and see.

Let’s talk about Cris Judd! OMG, I was completely intimidated! He has worked with such amazing artists and people. I’ve been a fan of his for such a long time, so actually being able to have him teach me was surreal. I love his dancing style and I love the way he moves. He worked with the King of Pop, who is my idol! Did you see when he asked me dance?! I was so nervous I just started to giggle. I could barely move! The advice and tips he gave me were so helpful, and I still think about what he taught me every time I get on a stage. You haven’t seen the last of him; he will be in next week’s episode too! I can’t wait for you to see me perform Rockstar at Beatstock. I love that song!

OMG, how cute is Gia? She was shaking her groove thing! She’s loves to dance. She loves gymnastics, she loves acting, and I hear she’s taking singing lessons now too! Teresa has always wanted her to be in the spotlight, and so here she is! Joe and I always support her and are so proud of her. We love to see her doing her thing!

I love the bickering between Caroline and Lauren, it was so funny. Ladies, going into business together might cause some tension! It’s really great of Caroline to support her daughter and help her make this store possible. By the way, the store is called Cafface, and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve been there; it is like a café for your face! They have such beautiful makeup stations and the atmosphere is perfect. Lots of luck, Lauren!

I loved watching Rosie’s first date with “what’s her name.” It was so cute. Rosie was acting like a little school girl being very polite and sweet to her guest, although they probably should have gone somewhere alone together. That girl probably thought Richie was nuts!
Greg’s birthday party was a blast! I love him, he’s a great guy, and we always have such a good time together! I get along with the Manzo boys so well! Lindsey was so sweet and beautiful. I loved her. I wanted to give her some tips on how to show Albie that she was serious about him. I told her if she wants to be a “wifey” she has to prove it to him. When men don’t live with their mother, they appreciate a girl doing the things their mommy used to do. If you really love a man, you will have no problem doing things like vacuuming for him before he gets home, doing the laundry, and buying a fruit basket! Trust me, these are probably things he hates doing, so he will appreciate it! Show him you care and show him he means a lot to you and that you want to go out of your way to make him happy. If you find that you don’t want to do these things for him, then he might not be the right one. These are my tips for a happy relationship!
I can’t wait for you to see the Beatstock performance next week! I also have a list of the vendors and people that helped make Antonia’s birthday perfect on my website, from the cake to the giant caterpillar! And of course I’m going to talk about WWHL with Mike Tyson! Check it out!

Rockstar and all my other songs are on iTunes right now!
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