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God Makes No Mistakes

Teresa was proud of Rosie's coming out moment with the kids.

By Teresa Giudice

Hi Baby Dolls!

First of all, like always, I have to start by thanking you all -- my amazing, gorgeous fantastic fans! Thank you for coming to see me at my book signings this week and for supporting my new cookbook Fabulicious: Fast & Fit! It made the NYT Bestseller list again this week and moved up two spots! Keep sending me pictures of you cooking (I want to see you in them!) and I'll start posting them on my website. Fabulicious: Fast & Fit! is all new, healthy Italian recipes, all 10 ingredients or less, 30 minutes start-to-stove, and includes full nutritional info:

Well I thought this was a fun episode, but I guess it wasn't fun for everyone. I honestly had no idea Caroline and Jacqueline had such strong opinions about me behind my back. I can only go by what I know and what I see in front of me, and that was that we were all fine. I think you could tell that I was just happy to be in Chicago with Joe for the weekend, and so happy to be at my friend Jaime's wedding.

I've known Jaime for a while since I've been friends with Dina for years. I adore him and his fiancé Rich (and aren't they both so hot?). I thought it was very brave of them to allow their wedding to be filmed, especially on such a drama-filled show! Who knows if people would have started pulling each other's weave or punching their sister-in-law in the face or flipping tables! Very, very brave! But we were all there to support them and show them how much we love them. You'll see next week how much the wedding meant to me and Joe. We were so proud to be a part of it.

I do wish more of his family could have been there to support Jaime. I know for a fact that Dina adores Jaime and wanted to be there. I can only guess that it was hard for her not to come, but because the wedding was televised and she wasn't speaking to Caroline that she didn't want to risk any drama taking away from Jaime's special day. I'm glad Jaime shared his day with the world though, even if it meant he couldn't have all of his family there. But please don't take it out on Dina. There are eleven siblings and only two came. Breaks my heart, but you can't know everything going on in someone else's family (even if you like to tell the camera that you think you do!). We had a great time in Chicago! I love that city! After Jaime's house, we took quite a tour of some famous places all over the place. We went to The Weiner's Circle and I asked for a chocolate shake. Boy, did I get one! You can see the footage on

You're in Chicago Bitch!

You can see the jokes we were all making and what we were all laughing about: blow jobs, boobies, you name it... That's the atmosphere we went from to the shuttle when Joe made his joke to Greg. We didn't go from a wedding rehearsal right to Joe's fart joke... We were in Chicago, bitch!
Joe Giudice Crosses the Line
It was a looong day though and we were all stuffed from eating hot dogs, which explains why some people on the shuttle were dead tired like Greg, some like Joe and Chris were wound up and goofing off, and there were quite a few farts going around.

I'm going to be totally honest here, and I'm sorry I can only be who I am, but I didn't think Joe's joke to Greg was offensive for the same reasons some of you do. Yes, Joe (and ALL of the other jokers on that bus) was joking around, and yes like men do, he crossed the line by ragging on Greg -- like Greg has back to Joe a million times. But Joe's joke was about Greg sleeping around, not that he's gay. We used to joke with a girl in college who slept around about her private parts being so loose they "blew in the wind." It's a terrible joke, yes, but at least it's an equal opportunity offense. That's the thing about Joe, he treats everyone the same way -- his gay and his straight friends, they both get the same bad jokes.

Joe and I have lots of gay friends, we love and support them, and they don't want us to act differently around them -- they want us to love them and be open with them and be able to tell them anything, the same way we want them to treat us. Joe treats gay people like his buddies, just like he does his best straight friends. He has the same lame guy sense of humor with everybody. And he lets them have their sense of humor with him. That's how some guys accept each other.

I know the way we talk in Jersey is weird to some people -- a lot of places and communities have their own way of talking to their friends -- but actions speak louder than words. Look at Joe's actions: as soon as he saw that his joke upset Greg, Joe apologized and kissed him. Joe hugs and kisses gay guys just like straight guys. Joe and Jaime have hung out, and Jaime said Joe looks like his ex-boyfriend. (Jaime tweeted during the show that Joe is hot -- if you've met Joe in person, you know he is!) Joe remembered that and on camera in front of his kids said he was going to bust Jaime's chops for marrying someone else and "cheating" on him. How comfortable do you have to be to joke like that?And bottom line, if Joe had a problem with gays, he wouldn't have attended a national televised gay wedding. Caroline's own husband wasn't there, and lots of other people weren't there, but my husband was! He's not a Housewife and he wasn't required to be there. He wanted to be there because he loves Jamie and he wanted to publicly support marriage equality. Joe actually cried at the wedding and said it was one of the most beautiful weddings he's ever been to!

I know Joe makes great TV and he is a funny guy, but for everything they show him doing, think about what you never see: you never see my Joe drooling over another woman on camera, or literally living at his work, or going to a strip club... Guys in Jersey talk a big game, always have, always will. Any of the other Housewives that pass judgment on Joe need to look at their own husbands, brothers, and prom dates. So there you have it: Joe is Joe, and he doesn't change or hold back for the cameras, but he really has no problem with gay people or any people. We both really do love the gays! xx

I have to say for all the negative attention we get for being "Jersey," our show really stepped up in a historical way last night with both Jaime's wedding and my cousin Rosie coming out on TV. Rosie opening her heart to Victoria and Joseph was one of the most touching scenes I've ever seen on TV. I cried along with them when I was watching it! It was so brave and wonderful of Rosie to do, and hopefully it will help other families out there embrace each other. God made all of us, and God makes no mistakes.
Rosie Comes Out to the Kids
I love Rosie and I'm glad the rest of the world gets to love her too. I've been close to her my whole life, even when she and Kathy weren't close, and Kathy and I weren't close. Rosie is between me and Kathy in age, and there were times when Rosie talked to me about things she didn't feel she could tell Kathy. I hated hearing there were times when Rosie didn't think she could talk to anyone. No one should go through life alone. Talk to your family and friends or even find a friend online -- there's always someone who will listen and love you!

I'm so happy Kathy and Rosie are in a good place now! But imagine if cameras were following them around during their lowest points in their relationship? That's how it is with me and my brother. We've never been in this place before, but now that everyone seems to think it's their business to get involved, I'm not sure how we're going to fix it. If we had time and space to deal with it like Rosie and Kathy had 10 years, maybe...

So therapy... physical therapy... You can see that it's not something that's ever been part of my world. We're old school Italian and we've just never done that in my family. I know married people that have done it, but not any brothers and sisters. It just seemed really weird to me. (Am I right, Wendy Williams?) I'm just trying to wrap my brain around the idea. You'll have to stay tuned to see if we ever go.

Finally, Dina has said and written many times that I had nothing to do with her and Caroline's falling out. So there you have it plain and simple. And no, I don't call my friends "fans." I said Kim D. was "my biggest fan" as in she always has my back compared to some that don't. Reading anything else into that is just... well... crazy.

Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice and check out my website to find my latest appearances. I'm still on my national book tour and would love, love, love to meet you!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx

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