Saying Goodbye to Greg

Caroline is hoping Greg will end up back in New Jersey.

Hey guys, happy Sunday!

Mark your calendar everyone, because we finally did it! It was nice to finally see pleasant conversation and positive interaction amongst the group with no drama or fighting. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when everyone lets their guard down there's plenty of laughter and fun to be had. Unfortunately with this group sometimes it's easier said than done. For now let's be happy for the little things, baby steps, hopefully the good times will outnumber the bad by the end of the season. Time will tell.

I'm glad Jacqueline and Teresa hashed out their differences, some believe that this was a bad idea, but Jac and Teresa travel in the same circles and a run in was inevitable. Better to have them meet and be civil than risk the chance of a scene. I think we've had enough of those. I'm not going to say things are perfect between the two, but civil is good for now.

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Teresa & Jacqueline Make Up
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My boys are working hard at both BLK Beverages and Little Town NJ. They've got their father’s blood, whatever it takes, do it and get the job done. Little Town is amazing and doing well and BLK is growing and now has flavor options!

I'm not sure if they sleep at all, but so far so good, they seem none the worse for wear. Albie and Christopher are a pretty good team, working and living together is challenging at times, but they manage to survive in one piece keeping their eye on the ball. Al and I are very proud parents, we've got a few more grays in our hair from worrying, but what can you do, what parent doesn't worry, right? Thank God for red hair dye!

Greg has been living in San Francisco for a few months and is doing well at his new job. He misses his family and friends, but luckily Twitter and Facebook keeps us in the loop of his new world! We all wish Greg success and happiness in California, but I'm not gonna lie, we'd love to see him come back home to New Jersey one of these days, it isn't the same without him.

Jacqueline went to California for a tummy tuck and a neck lift and came back a few days later as if she had a hangnail removed. I've never seen anything like it. The girl has an amazing resistance to pain, she doesn't take any kind of medication, ever, not even aspirin. She looks great and more importantly, she feels good about herself. I guess that's it for now, talk to you next week. And as always, thank you so much for watching, I appreciate each and every one of you. xoxoxo
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