Joe-splosion 2013 - Ep 7

Joe-splosion 2013 - Ep 7's Associate Producer thinks this fight could have been avoided if they had tried playing a game of Sorry.

By Andrew Herrmann

The real stars of this week's episode were Steven and Stephanie, the team building experts. Bless these poor souls, because I think they must have been plucked from somewhere without TV and had no idea what they were walking into. I think every single person there's face dropped to the floor once they saw them. (But honestly what were they expecting, bouncers?) In any event, kudos to those two for sticking it out. And in honor of them, let's just look back at the moments where they most likely wanted to run out of there and drive back to the sunny, peace-filled meadow they came from.

No. 3 - Are You That Scum-body?

You know you've gone too far if what you said makes Kathy gasp, "That's not right." Joe Gorga experienced such a moment, and it was not pretty. Teresa's face pretty much summed up how everyone felt -- pained and a little shocked. Come on guys, what happened to the team building?

At this point, I would have thought Steven and Stephanie would jump in with some sort of game or advice, but I think they were a little to caught off guard to come up with something. Maybe like some sort of Taboo-esque game where you think of other words to construe your point that aren't hurtful?

No. 2 - Beggin' You for Mercy

Steven and Stephanie were rocking some seriously perplexed faces when Melissa got down on her knees to beg Teresa to leave her alone. I don't think they were sure where to cut everyone off, because things were getting so heated. Admittedly, it was difficult to jump in because the conversation kept jumping all over the place, but this may have been a good time to try and guide the conversation somewhere else. Somewhere that at the very least involved less shouting.

This may have been a good time to play a good old fashioned game of Sorry. Honestly, I think if you could get them to play Sorry (in which, I believe, there are points where you need to shout out the word sorry), you might sneakily solve all the issues. All anyone says they want to hear is someone say they're sorry, so there you go!
No. 1 - Joes Come to Blows

Well, we all knew it was coming, but even so, the Joe vs. Joe fight was pretty hard to watch. Is there some sort of Jersey Fight Club that these guys train at? And those are big, heavy guys, I think if one of them charged at me I probably would have sailed right into Lake George.

Now at this point I think they removed our beloved team-building twosome, Steven and Stephanie, to the inn's panic room. And for good reason -- no game was going to fix this, unless perhaps they packed one of those inflatable boxing rings with sumo wrestler suits. Even then, dicey. This is why they should have broken out a game of Sorry beforehand, this whole thing could possibly have been avoided.
Because I'm sure you're dying to see the aftermath, check out this preview.
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