Melissa's Trip to the Emergency Room

Melissa's Trip to the Emergency Room

Melissa explains why she was taking those giant horse pills.

Hi, everyone! Yesterday was a big day. I released my new single “Never Let Me Go” and I think it’s the best one yet! I pushed myself more vocally on this track than ever before and I hope you love it. Stay tuned to see me record this song on upcoming episodes. You can download it now on iTunes.

Also, Joe and I got to go to MTV’s Video Music Awards last night in Brooklyn. It was my very first time at the VMAs. The energy there is amazing and vibe is so relaxed. Fans were screaming at their favorite celebs going down the red carpet and everyone had a smile on their face! All of the performances were great, but there is no denying that Justin Timberlake blew the roof off. His performance gave me chills. He is one of the most humble and sweetest guys out there. He deserved his special award on so many levels. He was beyond amazing. God Bless him. I’ve been watching the VMAs for as long as I can remember, and to be there was more than I could have ever asked for. Thank you Johnny Wright for making it happen.

And thank you, Joe, for planning a beautiful birthday weekend for me! I just wish I wasn’t sick. I felt pretty bad when I woke up the day we flew out. That was why I squeezed lemons down my throat on the plane -- an old tip from my grandmother. A truckload of lemons wouldn’t have helped this time. The dry air in Arizona made my throat even worse. A single drop of water felt like swallowing glass. My throat closed up. I couldn’t breathe. It was agony, like no pain I’ve felt in my life. Joe took me to the emergency room in Arizona and I wound up spending the night there on morphine. When you see me the next morning I had just gotten back from the hospital, that’s why I had the hospital bracelet on my wrist and I was just taking my first round of medicine. I thought it was strep, but it turned out to be a virus. The horse pills knocked it out in a few days and I started to feel better.

Tina the energy reader. I wasn’t so into it. I’ve always been skeptical of mediums. I don’t believe you’re supposed to know about spirits or the future. If I need guidance or feel uncertain about my next step, I pray. That’s what works for me. No judgment about what works for others. A positive experience is a positive experience. Kathy and Rich got a lot out of what Tina had to say. Her words helped them open blocked doors. It was very moving. Not a dry eye in the room. If a medium can give people comfort, help them move forward and put aside past hurts, great.

Rich Misses His Father
I wanted to join everyone on the desert hike, but I wasn’t well enough. I have to admit, as horrible as I felt, it was nice to have time alone and just sit in the sun. Of course then you see me drinking water like it was nothing! LOL! Believe me, I had to psych myself up for each sip.

As the trip continues, you’ll see everyone really open up. It turned out to be an amazing trip for all us. Keep watching to see some interesting revelations.
The Fears Come Out

My book Love Italian Style is coming out in only a few weeks! The response so far has been wonderful. I’m grateful to everyone for your tweets and messages about it. I’ve got a lot of fun events coming up to promote it, and I’ll keep you all posted on my website, Facebook, and Twitter. And don’t forget to download “Never Let Me Go” on iTunes. Tweet me and let me know what you think!

Hope everyone has an amazing Labor Day weekend and be safe!

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