Milania Hair Confrontation - Ep 12

Milania Hair Confrontation - Ep 12's Associate Producer thinks Milania should have been allowed to come to the party.

By Andrew Herrmann

Welcome back! Let's slide right on into this week's recap, shall we?


And Milania wasn't the only one sporting some enhancements. Jacqueline has returned from plastic surgery mecca Beverly Hills with a new tummy and neck.





And if you're dying for a few more photos of Jacqueline from the days of yore, check them out here.

Kathy meanwhile still struggles being business partners with Rich. Rich however only seems to be struggling with Kathy's hat.


Then in probably my favorite moment (or should I say bro-ment) of the episode, Joe, Chris, and Rich head to a cigar bar, which was not code for strip club much to Rich's dismay. They start out cute by planning parties for their wives and then move on to talking about how Melissa once texted during sex.

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Texting During Sex?

At which point they had a good laugh and this happened and the bartender freaked out.


Did anyone else feel for Vito when Lauren said she wasn't ready for marriage? But good for Lauren getting her Destiny's Child Independent Women on and focusing on Cafface. Maybe they'll just have a beautiful unmarried lifelong relationship like Goldie and Kurt?

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Caroline reveals that a proposal may not be too far off in her blog:

They adore each other and I have a suspicion that an engagement ring may be in her very near future, don't say I told you! If you do, I'll deny it, you didn't hear it from me!

Now that everyone is on good terms, the gang can go back to having good old fashioned hookah parties.


Well they may not be Melissa's  thing, but Rosie managed to enjoy herself.


And Joe took the opportunity to invite everyone to a big spa party out in Arizona for Melissa birthday. Fingers crossed that just means more of this:


As the ladies get glam for Teresa's Milania Hair Care event, Kim D. didn't seem thrilled that Melissa and Joe were attending.


But Teresa's hoping Melissa will be able to confront Jan and Penny (the sources of the cheating rumors) and put everything to rest.

And quite frankly I agree with Milania, if it's named after her, why couldn't she come to the party? Especially when she dressed up for the occasion.


Sorry, I couldn't help using this again.

The event basically turns into a place for Melissa to confront the two sources of the cheating rumors. According to Melissa in her blog: "Their stories had more holes than a punchboard."

First up, Jan:

Is Melissa Still Meeting Her Ex?

Well safe to say that friendship is over. (Note to self, be very selective of who will be in your wedding party.)

And then Penny:

Show Highlight
Trying Too Hard to be Innocent

One thing's for sure, TERESA AND PENNY ARE NOT FRIENDS. As for who was questioning Penny though, I guess we'll never know.

Next week the Jersey crew heads to Arizona for a retreat that doesn't exactly look relaxing...

New Jersey Heads to Arizona
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