Recap: Hats Come Out, Gloves Come Off

Recap: Hats Come Out, Gloves Come Off

Ep 17: Teresa lunches with Victoria Gotti and confronts Penny at the Poshce event.

By Andrew Herrmann



What just happened?

Well, it's time for the annual Posche event. But surely there won't be any trouble since everyone is getting along. Right, Kim?


Right... (Except for the fact that Penny will be attending.)

But before we get to the Posche II party, a few other things happened.

Melissa performed her new single on the radio after her Johnny Wright crash course to favorable reviews.


Although Kathy admits she's a bigger fan of "Rockstar". Judge for yourself though, because you can stream the full song:

The Manzo bros finally opened their new restaurant, Little Town, and tried out their menu on the toughest critics they know.


Luckily both Caroline and Al were impressed by their meatballs and culinary prowess in general.

Teresa met with her old BFF and Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Victoria Gotti, for a little Jersey-style lunch. Victoria gave her some advice on how to deal with all the legal issues.

But honestly it was hard to pay attention because of Teresa's scene-stealing hat.


And over at the Wakile house, Joseph became the proud recipient of a new car.


I can't help but think part of Rich's motivation was just to ensure Joseph stays away from his Ferrari. In typical mom fashion Kathy was more concerned about the champagne balloons on the car due to any possible drinking and driving implications.
And now on to the Posche-est event of the season. At first the only fight that seemed to break out was Joe vs. a tweezer.


But then in walks Penny (and her extensions) and things quickly spiral out of control.

Jacqueline immediately got in Penny's face about her and her husband's comments about her son on Twitter. Clearly Penny was not aware of the first rule of The Real Housewives -- never bring up the children.

Just as Jacqueline was trying to figure out who Penny put up to all of this, Melissa swooped in to got confront her with Teresa.

Clearly these not-friends, who were maybe friendly(?), are no longer on good terms, because there was a whole lot of finger pointing and f--- you-ing. And then Penny comes out and says that Teresa "wanted to destroy" Melissa.

I think everyone watching was like:


Will the family stand united against Penny's accusations? Find out next week in the Season Finale!

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