Recap: Posche, Poison, and Apologies

Recap: Posche, Poison, and Apologies

Ep 18: The Jersey girls manage to end the season in a positive place.

By Andrew Herrmann


That's pretty much how everyone felt at the start of the season finale.

Things got real crazy once the infamous "Johnny the Greek" showed up at Kim's Posche event. To no one's surprise, things did not go too well.


And everyone in New Jersey (and everyone watching at home) was like:


Basically nothing was resolved and it left the Gorgas and the Giudices on potentially shaky ground.Oh, and meanwhile Kim D. was pretty much unconcerned.


Hey, she's got Posche clothing to sell to the good people of Moxie's Blow Dry and Extensions Bar!

While the dust settled in the aftermath of yet another memorable Posche party, Caroline took a walk down Memory Lane and decided she's not ready to part with the house in Franklin Lakes just yet.


Hooray! It's a relief to hear we have more time in the house that started The Ham Game (which now ironically houses a pig and a small menagerie courtesy of Caroline's sister, Franny).

Take a tour of the Manzo manse to celebrate!

[video_clip_url:]After pretty much everyone encouraged Teresa and Joe to just let go of the craziness from the Posche event and forge ahead, they finally came face to face at the blk tasting. Before any serious conversation took place they sampled some of the new flavor offerings, which were mostly well received...


...except for the secret "Love Poison" recipe developed for Joe Gorga. Teresa was not a fan of that one.

Teresa eventually pulled Joe aside and really opened up to him about all the rumors and craziness. She even apologized and admitted to making some mistakes!


Wow. This season has been quite the journey, from Lake George to Arizona and back, in order to reach this point.

Now let's celebrate all the progress we've made before we head into the reunion, shall we?


But if you're dying for a little reunion teaser, take a first look at the fashions, fights, and tears you can expect in this preview gallery.

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