Rosie's Breaking Amish - Ep 4

Rosie's Breaking Amish - Ep 4's Associate Producer wants to enjoy some moonshine with Rosie.

By Andrew Herrmann

A fight at the that it's happened, don't you feel shocked that a fight hasn't broke out a gym on RHONJ previously? I'm now anxiously awaiting fights at the local panini place and the pork store.

In any event, let's look back at some of the most memorable moments from this week.

No. 3 - You Won't Like Her When She's Angry

Oh Rosie... Some things haven't changed -- like her beef with Teresa. Presumably she's no longer looking to cut out her tongue, but now she's feeling pretty miffed about her reluctance to make up with Kathy. And by miffed, I mean ready to crack skulls.

Now who hasn't been at a family party and gotten a little more amped about something due to generous pours? (More on her love of scotch to come.) But Rosie manages to make rage somehow likeable, mostly because she only gets mad when someone crosses her family. And again, who hasn't been there?

Let's just be glad everyone was able to quash Rosie's rampage before drinks/tables/or some other object went flying.

No. 2 - Sweating the Small Stuff

So let's talk the gym fight -- what?! It all started innocently enough with an offer to spot Joe (clearly a Jersey-style peace offering) and quickly devolved into water throwing, trans can knocking, and INTENSE weight lifting. Basically everything you would expect from a fight at a Jersey gym.

But man, as buff as they both are, these two are jacked when it comes to knowing exactly what buttons to push. And by buttons, I basically mean the "In-Law Diss" button on both of them. They are ruthless when it comes to their significant others. I can only hope they each had a blood pressure lowering smoothie after that intense workout.

Side Note: Was anyone else surprised to learn Joe Gorga is on Twitter? I wouldn't have guessed that would have been up his alley.
No. 1 - Rosie's Breaking Amish

Rosie is not Amish. How would one know this you ask? Well besides the fact that she lives in New Jersey, she enjoys smoking a cigarette and drinking scotch. So don't expect to see this Jersey girl in a full length skirt hitching a ride on a wagon any time soon.

But seriously, how much do you now want to go sit at a dive bar and enjoy some scotch with Rosie? I personally like where she's at. As a wise person once told me -- "You be you!" So if you want to mingle with moonshine, go for it.

Side Note: Rosie's face at the end is priceless.
Next week Rosie and Teresa are meeting for a heart to heart, but it doesn't exactly look like a warm and fuzzy time...
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