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Amber on the Shocking Rino Rumor

Amber Marchese reveals what went through her mind when she heard the gossip about Rino Aprea.

By Amber Marchese

I need to respond to Nicole comments in her blog last week. All of my blogs thus far have been a reflection of my feelings and of my perspective on the situation at the time it occurred. If I am angry, I will say. If I need to call bullsh-- out when I see it, I will and will always call it how I see it. I am straight shooter and very honest. There is not a single manipulative or lying bone in my body, and I stand behind every action that I have done in my entire life, both the good or bad decisions that I have made. This is my journey, I enjoy every aspect of it and will always be a student of life. 

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With that said, yes, I did apologize to Nicole and I meant every world of it. Now that I have had time to reflect and watch as things unfold this season, I realize how much crap went on. It still irks me to no end how Nicole acted completely shocked and surprised when Melissa told her what I had heard. It doesn’t make sense, Nicole has publically admitted to being with a married man who was separated from his wife at the time! Nicole acknowledges she dated him and that this was right before she met Bobby. How could she have been so shocked and appalled? Why didn’t she simply say, yes I dated Gary, but he was separated. Instead, Nicole and TeResa acted surprised to the point of driving to my home to confront me and then a week later attacking me at what was supposed to be a fun party. They knew exactly what and how I heard what I heard! Here you go, I'm calling your B to the U to the double L sh--…bullshi--! And please, for the love of God, both Nicole and Teresa need to stop referring to me as “evil.” I am not an evil-doer, I don’t have weapons of mass destruction, and I don’t order sharks with freakin' laser beams on their heads to kill innocents. Get a grip! I heard Nicole slept with a man who was technically still married, and guess what, she did! Call it what you like. But both TeResa and Nicole acted like children to be cool in front of their new friends.As far as my tweets on Twitter. I do not post mean comments that are verbally attacking anyone or are abusive. I state facts as I see it and I only retweet comments that have a good point of view. If they are mean, I do not engage. It is not kind, and I will not engage in that, so please do not send nasty tweets to me about anyone. 

You might have seen Jim on Twitter as well @jlmarchese111. He is definitely a different cat than me. I truly have the ability to forgive and forget when I feel that apology is real. Jim has an “eye for an eye” mentality. Once you cross Jim, that’s pretty much it. Contrary to what you have seen so far, Jim is truly a man of his word, honorable, and will give you the shirt off of his back. He is just no nonsense when it comes to certain matters. I have seen Jim get hurt on so many occasions when he tries to help others. He had been nothing but kind to TeResa, Rino, Nicole, and especially Bobby. They screwed him over for no reason other than to be “popular.” Bobby knew what kind of cases Jim worked. Jim asked Bobby not to put him in a bad position and not to embarrass him. Crossing Jim for the entire world to see is like opening the gates of hell. And I assure you the gates are wide open. Jim will expose everyone for who they are and call them out on the wrong they did. He does not care about being popular with the group. I might not agree with everything he says and does, but I do very much respect him. I respect his point of view, it is extremely rational without over-the-top emotion (unlike me). Now on to the rumor heard around the world. It is ironic that this episode aired on August 24. Because August 24, 1814 was the anniversary of the burning down of the White House, and over 200 years later, we just witnessed Victoria Gotti burn the house of Napolitano/Aprea down to the ground. I’m kidding, but seriously, you can see my absolute shock when I was told this. I remember feeling a range of feelings: Was this joke on me? Was this a test to see what I would do with the information? Was this Rino just spouting out stupidity? Was this a joke on Victoria? I have to say, Victoria did seem sincere, so at first I thought that this was your typical “your mama's so fat” joke from Rino, however, there was never an “I’m just kidding” follow up. Either way, I am wearing my hair in a bun for the rest of the season just in case now that I know the consequences of the deplorable offense of hearing a rumor. Jim purchased state of the art ear plugs and Kevlar plated hair nets for Valentine's Day. What I do with this rumor well…stay tuned! The Dunkin Donuts and the post office will never be the same. 


I would like to dedicate my blog to Melissa’s aunt. I know how much she meant to Melissa and her family. It was always so amazing to me that she looked so much like Melissa’s mom even though she was her father’s sister. My heart goes out to the family. Cancer bites. 

Sending love and blessings!


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