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What Were Amber and Melissa's Intentions?

Dina Manzo weighs in on the drama between Melissa, Amber, and Nicole.

By Dina Manzo

in·ten·tion noun \in-ˈten(t)-shən\

How to Watch

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo and stream next day on Peacock.

: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose

I told you the sh-- was about to hit the fan... Although I prefer the cute scenes of handsome Giovanni in the kitchen with his dad Rino, the Giudice girls getting an adorable pup, and Lexi and I on a nature hike. You see in this episode the tides start to change and FAST.

While most people watch reality shows for the sheer entertainment value (and some great juice for the morning water cooler convo), I actually think it's a great experiment in human behavior.

Did you ever think you can learn more about the people in your life and, dare I say, grow yourself by watching us? Hear me out...

Lets talk about Intention (see definition above). I personally feel that no matter what you do in life, pay attention to what your intention is. Listen we all mess up from time to time, we all make mistakes but if your intention is pure and good you save yourself from that Karmic bite in the ass.

What do I mean by that? Well if you believe in the law of attraction the way I do, what you put out there will come right back to you. Maybe not in the same form, but trust me, Karmic debt is not easy to avoid and the pay back is a BITCH.

Now let's talk about Nicole setting me up with that hunk of a man Matt. Although I did make it clear to her that I wasn't ready, she did it anyway. Was I pissed? Yeah for all of two seconds, because I know her intentions were pure. She meant well and just wanted to give me a little nudge. I wish she gave me the heads up, because I was CLEARLY blind sided and flustered, but once I realized she meant no harm, I got over it quickly. Whenever you get upset with someone, stop for a minute and think about what their intention was. If it was not meant to hurt you and they just made a mistake, it's much easier to forgive.Now for the other situations going on here...this is when things get a little sticky. Let's go back before the hair pulling and drink throwing. What was Melissa's intention for telling the twins what Amber had said to her? What was Amber's intention for telling Melissa what she did about Nicole in the first place?

Was Amber casually confiding in a friend of 10 plus years or was there more behind it? Was Melissa just reacting to a moment of frustration with Amber? Was she looking out for Nicole? That's for them to explain, which I am sure they will on air, in their blogs, and I'm SURE at the reunion. (Rhinestone encrusted seat belts will surely be installed on our reunion couch.) I'm sure you will get an extra explanation too after they read this blog!

What about the men? What was Bobby's intention in telling a group of men he just met what his friend of 10 years told him? What was Jim's intention by telling him this for all of you to see? What was my assistant Luke's intention wearing that "Future Mr. Harry Styles" shirt for all of you to see? Well that one's obvious, Harry, if you're reading this, please call me.

This all makes you think, huh...when's the last time someone pissed you off? Did they mean it? Was it their intention to hurt you or did they just make a bad call? When is the last time you pissed someone off? What was your intention? Can you see how this show can do more than you thought it would when you first starting watching?

Yep, and if you go to and click around my blogs, you may learn more. More importantly I along with self help professionals dive deeper into each week's episode in a video series on my Youtube channel called The After Party. Yes, I will share my makeup looks, where I got that sweater, and what exactly Venus being in retrograde means on the after party too! There's something for everyone! 

This week we dive in to attracting Mr. Right or maybe even better just attracting Mr. Right NOW. Sounds juicy right?Even though I looked a little frumpy in my scrubs, I believe sexy is an energy not a look. Watch my after party video and get the link to tap into that sexy goddess in you!

Did you guys notice how sick I was in my scene with Nicole? I had the worst flu I had in ages! She was so sweet to bring me a healthy juice and UNchicken soup. (I don't eat chickens.) I also didn't have the energy to go out costume shopping, I was sure I could find something in that closet of mine. It's pretty awesome isn't it? Bravo did a little tour check it out here

Lastly let me quickly explain the huge Cheshire cat grin on my face during the fight. Grown women pulling each other's hair out dressed as slutty firemen and police officers... Must I go on? Yeah, I think you feel me. While I don't condone violence EVER, this was pretty ridiculous. I think the girls all thought the same when it was all over too...You'll just have to tune in next week to see if they did!


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Lots of Love,

Dina xoxo


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