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Scamber's True Character

Nicole Napolitano dishes on the rest of the party and how proud she was of Bobby for having her back.

Hi everyone!

Had a great week again chatting with my dear friends on Twitter. All such amazing people. I hope to start sharing more pics on Instagram. It was also amazing this past week being out in the public and getting such positive feedback from #RHONJ fans. Truly a wonderful feeling from people I have just met and having people come up to you and tell you how much they love you on the show. I’m very grateful.

I had a blast watching David Arquette on WWHL Sunday night totally seeing "Scamber" and the "Mar-crazies" for who they really are, right out of the gate. I guess 89% of the people agreed as well. I enjoyed reading all the Housewives blogs from last week, but of course not Amber's. Scamber has more stories than Mother Goose. AMBER, THE ONLY PLACE YOU NEED TO BE THIS WEEK IS IN CONFESSION! Please go confess your lies to a priest, since you can never admit all your deceit to anyone else. You were my friend with whom I ABSOLUTELY divulged what sadly happened in my marriage and actually went deeper and told you HER NAME! Shame on you again for lying. My response to you, Amber, is to turn the other cheek and not cast pearls before swine. So I choose not to roll in the mud with you!

This episode had some really fun scenes to watch and of course some filled with drama. Starting off with Jim being a condescending ass. I wasn’t surprised one bit. After speaking so horribly to Teresa, Dina, and Melissa it was a little painful to hear Teresa ask Dina if he was looking to help the Giudices. That answer was pretty obvious. Happy this episode at Bobby’s house is over. Again this was supposed to be a fun-filled night for all…along with a chance to hear an apology that now (knowing SCAMBER'S true character) I realize she had no intention of giving. This was the first time ever that Bobby and I were hosting a party at his home. I never wanted it to go there. We had our friends who are police officers and fellow firefighters from our town attend, and I would have never wanted to put them in a bad position. I was happy to hear Melissa state when she met Amber for lunch how Amber was the aggressive one and how she whacked my hand first. Amazing how when the Mar-crazies left the party it was like all the evil was swept out of the house. The black cloud had lifted!

[video_clip_url:]I love how Bobby had my back going over to Jim and Amber’s house. I’m proud he went over there returning her hat so calmly and looking to have a normal conversation, which they both didn’t even deserve after Amber's filthy mouth called me a “two bit whore” and how out of line they both acted in Bobby’s home. So frankly I think Bobby was a complete gentleman and gave them a chance to redeem themselves. But of course, as us viewers could have bet any amount of money on, it doesn’t go that way and Jim starts making up tons of lies right to Bobby's face about me. I’m glad Bobby was a gentleman and smart enough to just leave at this point.

Now on a lighter note, I loved watching me and Bobby at the gun range. We had a blast on our date and a lot of fun. Bobby was an awesome teacher and loved how I got a bull's-eye! We have a really good time when we are together! Watching Milania, Rosie, and Juicy buying chickens was a cute scene. Dina and Lexi were adorable getting tattoos. Again, Lexi is precious and so sweet! I wish Dina’s date had gone better. She didn’t seem too stimulated at all. I guess she could have gone to Dylan's Candy Shop next store if she wanted eye candy. 

I’m looking so forward to next week, because I see in the previews my nephew Giovanni will be on. I love watching my family! 


Thank you again all for tuning in and being such wonderful fans. Please follow me all on Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram: NicoleNapolitano_RHONJ

Many Love and Blessings!
Nicole XOXO

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