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Teresa: To Know Rino is to Love Him

Teresa Aprea gives you the scoop on her husband's over-the-top personality.

By Teresa Aprea

Well cin cin! Here’s to the start of a successful, fun, drama filled Season 6. For me, being one of the new girls, tonight could not have come fast enough, and I am personally "chomping at the bit" to see more.

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It was definitely nerve-racking at first, but like anything else in life, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Nicole and I just jumped right in and the rest was history! It is so much fun and the best experience working with my twin. I love and adore Nicole so much, and I know the world is going to fall in love with her too! I commend her for opening up and becoming vulnerable about a very private part of her life. Her humility and lack of pretense is what makes people relate to and love her.

As for my hubby Rino, I am so excited beyond words for everyone to get to know him. To know Rino is to absolutely love him, but you never want to cross him. He loves hard and plays hard, but if he doesn’t like you, Rino will never deal with you. (He has an acute sense for seeing peoples’ true character.) My husband is a no nonsense kind of guy. I think everyone could see that in just the first episode. As time goes on, I am looking forward to everyone getting to know Rino. He is a ton of fun and loves to joke constantly -- you never know what’s going to come out of this man’s mouth. Rino obviously says whatever is on his mind… Sometimes with no filter! That’s what people love about him. Regarding the Giudice family… Seeing Gia throughout the show broke my heart. Right, wrong, or indifferent nobody ever wants to see a child endure so much pain. It was heart-wrenching watching that. I related to Gia as a daughter who is extremely close to her dad.  On top of that Joe is someone whom I particularly like very much. Another scene that pulled on my heart strings was seeing Joe Giudice's dad. To see him a strong vibrant man and now he is no longer with us. That brought tears to my eyes, because I know the bond Italian families have with their moms and dads. It is indescribable, so my heart went out to Joe watching that. My sincere condolences to Joe and his family once again.

[video_clip_url:]I must comment on Amber’s remark regarding mine and Nicole’s friends’ etiquette at the party. Instead of being insulted, I found it comical. After seeing this episode, it was all of Amber and Jim’s friends who were stomping and cleaning their shoes in her home, and they were the ones shoveling the food into their mouths. LOL!

Another comment from Amber I found amusing was how Melissa married for money. Reality check -- who is Amber to judge when she married a man with a huge home in Colts Neck? Did she forget Bobby (Nicole’s boyfriend) and Jim were best friends for almost 14 years? We all should not throw stones when we live in glass houses.

With all this said, I am super excited to have met this group of strong women. Some stronger, some crazier, some more fun! But it all definitely leads to a recipe for a very spicy Season 6!


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