Dolores Catania: My Friendship with Siggy Is Organic and True

Dolores Catania: My Friendship with Siggy Is Organic and True

Dolores explains why she and Siggy will always stick together. 

This week finds us back home to fix the damage done in Florida. It was great to see that the apologies came pouring out. Often acknowledging your friend’s feelings is more important than being right. Teresa and Siggy were quick to move past their hurt feelings.

I was initially annoyed when Teresa questioned my loyalty to her. Then I realized that she has been betrayed by her family and those she considered friends. Of course she’s going to be weary of anyone, no matter how close. It’s like coming out of an abusive relationship—you’re bound to be cautious and downright suspicious of your next experiences. On top of that, we have Sneaky Margaret constantly chirping derogatory opinions couched as facts about me in Teresa’s ear. So Teresa questioning anyone’s loyalty is a defense mechanism.

My friendship with Siggy is organic and true, because I met Siggy at a time when I had just come out of a 5-year relationship, an engagement. No one knew how devastated I was. Siggy came into my life like a force of nature, and she saw right through me to the hurt. She pulled me out of a dark place and gave me the tools to rebuild myself. Our friendship is easy. The slumber party was for us to celebrate our friendship, to cheer Siggy up, and release all the hurt feelings. 

While I was in Florida, my son told me that there was an issue with his college applications. I felt trapped in Florida while my son struggled for his future in New Jersey. The time in between was a blur filled with worry, doubt, and tears. I can’t describe the weight that was lifted off my chest when I was able to get back to my son and assure him that his father and I were behind him as he worked everything out. It was rough. The next obstacle was watching Frankie struggle with decisions for his future.

Apparently, teenagers are genetically smarter than their parents when they reach the age of 16 until further notice. Frank rejects this genetic theory and seeks to dispel it from Frankie’s 18-year-old brain. Stay tuned as this plays out!

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