Margaret Josephs: Danielle and I Are Very Close, Maybe Too Close...

Margaret Josephs: Danielle and I Are Very Close, Maybe Too Close...

While making new friends and burying hatchets, Margaret upsets her old friend, Danielle. 

The Jersey 'Wives Try Hatchet Throwing For the First Time

Well, we are off with a bang and two new fun girls in the mix. Jackie is my spirit animal IF I was younger, skinny, had birthed four kids, lived on a schedule, and had boundless energy! We do share our sense of humor, work ethic, use of analogies, and thick skin which comes in handy with this group. We met through a mutual friend and immediately knew we were destined to be together! Jackie is also hitting it off with my Melissa. They have a lot in common on many levels and nothing makes me happier than when my friends get along! This is a trio that supports each other without conditions, now that’s what female empowerment is all about. I love to meet new friends and Jennifer is the exact opposite of “The Marge”...a traditional woman with an arranged marriage, need I say more? We can relate to the love of our families and the love of shopping. Can anyone say, Chanel? I am looking forward to getting to know more about her and her fascination with bathrooms.

I am so thrilled Dolores and I are off to a great start. We are both women who know how to move on and live in the present. The more time Dolores and I spend together, the more things we see we have in common. So, of course, I am so happy I am invited to go to her hatchet throwing event. We can throw hatchets and bury it once and for all.

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Danielle Staub Hits Below the Belt When She Feels Betrayed by Margaret Josephs

Danielle and I are very close, maybe too close...I never expected the reaction out of Danielle I received when I told her that I was invited to Dolores’ hatchet event. She immediately attacked my marriage, my character, and insulted Dolores at the same time. This is not what you do to your close friends -- hit below the belt and expect them to not have other friendships within the circle. This is not high school. One of us is an adult, the other, not so much. So I handled my arrested development friend in a calm manner. Ironically she's the one that storms off when I am the insulted party.

I do report back the hysteria to the girls at the hatchet party because I am agitated but refuse to post pictures because I don’t want to upset Danielle. I think I am slightly in the web of insanity.

Speaking of insanity, Teresa is entering a bodybuilding contest! She has the hustle factor to work hard for her family and care for Poppa Gorga, and discipline to achieve another personal goal all with a smile on her face.

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Gia Giudice Stands up for Teresa Giudice

The one thing she isn’t smiling about is the tension building between her, Joe and Melissa. Joe feels he is doing as much as he can right now spending time with his Dad, and Teresa doesn’t feel it’s enough. What everyone can agree on is that they both love him very much or there wouldn’t even be a discussion. With that said, Easter Sunday might not be the ideal therapeutic setting to have this conversation. Someone might get an egg thrown at their head, capiche?

I am so excited to plan a trip to Oklahoma to work on my Hospital Heroes charity and children’s hospital gowns. My best friend Polly owned a children’s business, and who better to bounce ideas off of to make this a success. This is something very close to my heart and I want my friends to be a part of it. I am over the moon that they are all joining me on this trip. One side note, I am a little taken aback that Jennifer’s husband behaved as if Jennifer needed to ask his permission to go away? She seemed unfazed and handled him well, I guess that is one art form I never learned from Marge Sr.

Marge Sr. is one person who will not be coming to Oklahoma because she will be recuperating from the recent renovation of her face. I almost fainted as Joe and I watched Dr. Kassir draw out an entire roadmap of major construction that Waze could barely follow. I am happy Marge Sr. is the facelift guinea pig for the family. I have no problem being second this time! After six grueling hours of waiting, we are so relieved to see Marge seniors newly renovated, greased and bandaged without even losing an eyelash. Dr. Kassir is a miracle worker!

See you all in Oklahoma, hope all is OK!


The Marge 

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