The 6 Biggest Breakdowns and Blowups in the Berkshires

The 6 Biggest Breakdowns and Blowups in the Berkshires

There's something about the Berkshires that brings out the worst in the Housewives.

Heather Thomson and Dorinda Medley have both talked about the Berkshires being a calm and relaxing place to stay, but that all changes when the Housewives come to stay. 

1. Ramona's Wine Toss

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Ramona and Kristen’s Canoe Face-Off

Kristen Taekman learned a very important lesson in the Berkshires during Season 6: Never mess with one of Ramona Singer's blowouts. After Kristen splashed Ramona with water, Ramona threw her wine--along with her wine glass--at the Housewife. Wait, did we say glass? We mean cured plastic. 

Ramona on That Glass Incident

2. Ramona and Kristen's Face-Off

Ramona “Sort of, I Guess” Apologizes to Kristen

This is one of those rare instances where an apology not only makes an argument worse but initiates a whole other agrument. 

3. Ramona Loses It in the Woods

And if getting her hair wet wasn't bad enough, Ramona had another reason to not like the Berkshires -- they reminded her of painful memories.

Ramona Singer Loses It in the Woods

4. Dorinda Goes Off on Kristen

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Dorinda Goes Off on Kristen

Dorinda invited the ladies over for what was meant to be a quiet weekend during Season 7. Instead, things quickly heated up when Kristen brought up John.

5. Bethenny Can't Handle Heather's Questions

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Bethenny Wants the Wall Up

Everyone was excited to see Bethenny Frankel make a last-minute appearance at Dorinda's birthday dinner, but things quickly went south when too much meddling left the Skinnygirl in tears.

6. Bethenny Has It out With Luann

Bethenny Frankel Calls out the Countess

It was another disastrous weekend in the Berkshires for Bethenny, but it might have been worse for Luann de Lesseps...

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