What's a Typical School Day Like For Kristen Taekman and Family?

What's a Typical School Day Like For Kristen Taekman and Family?

The #RHONY mom breaks down their daily routine, one activity at a time.

The dog days of summer are sadly coming to an end, which means Kristen Taekman's kids will soon be heading back to school. And with that comes a whole new schedule for the Taekman clan. 

"I will tell you the most complicated part of it is just working out the after school schedule — who goes where [and] when," the Real Housewives of New York mom told The Daily Dish. "The way that I worked it out this year is my daughter [Kingsley] only goes to school until noon. So she goes to school 8:45 am to noon and then she's got activities from noon to 2:30 pm. And then we pick [my son Cassius] up at 2:45 pm and he has his activities. So it's a lot, but there's no overlapping so one person can do it. When I have to work my sitter can do it."

Despite all that hustle, there are some perks. "It's nice because the house is quiet for like a good three hours, but that's when you get your stuff done," she said. "And then you blink and you have to pick her up." Additionally, Kristen enjoys the gradual transition into fall. "It's nice to be back to school, the month of September's always so great. It's so nice and warm still. So it's not like an abrupt jolt of cold air. You get a good six weeks plus sometimes. It's easy to ease back into it."

Once everyone's home for the night, it's about downtime — which the Taekman kids can earn if they do all their school work. "We kind of bargain for iPad time," she explained. "It's a matter of getting all of the stuff done. So depending on when the after school activities are, doing your homework and doing a little bit of reading that you have to do, then you can get iPad time. Or, doing all of your homework, doing all of you stuff after school, dinner, [eating] vegetables, and then you can have your 20 minutes of iPad. That gets held out until everything's done. It's nice and there's no messing around with homework because he wants to play his game son his iPad. It's gold."

Now that you have all the details, take a trip inside Kristen's home.

Kristen’s TriBeCa Crib

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