Is It Really Possible to Just Stop Liking a Friend (For Seemingly No Reason)?

Is It Really Possible to Just Stop Liking a Friend (For Seemingly No Reason)?

Let's discuss Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill's real issue.

By Marianne Garvey
Sonja Morgan Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously...and Bethenny Frankel Loves That

Is it possible you just can wake up one day and not like someone you say you once loved? Well, yes, obviously there are romantic breakups, but what about when it comes to a good friend? Not really.

Let’s take Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill, who seem to have drifted so far apart even a near-death boat ride and some hair holding while puking couldn’t make these two patch things up on The Real Housewives of New York City. It’s safe to say it’s over. Both the boat ride and their friendship. And we can’t help but think when they say, “I think you just don’t like me” to each other, what they’re really saying is, well, “I just don’t like you.”

Things started cracking last summer, when the two weren’t in constant communication per usual ... and it’s pretty unlikely these two are gonna see eye to eye any time soon. Since they're not the only friends in the history of friends to have a falling out, we asked a therapist what the heck happened with them in the first place. A therapist who also watches The Real Housewives of New York City. See, we told you New York has everything.

“It’s not very common to simply wake up one day and not like someone you say you loved. Typically, when friendships break up, one of two things happen. Either an event, like a fight or disagreement, or there had always been a small crack in the foundation of the friendship then it gets worse. A crack becomes a crevice and then a gaping hole,” says Dr. Elizabeth Lasky, Ph.D.

Gaping hole exhibit A? Season 11 of RHONY.

Dr. Lasky adds that these two also probably weren't honest with each other when their feelings started to shift.

“Sometimes people are not entirely honest with their feelings in friendships,” she says.

More specifically, in the case of Carole and Bethenny, there “seems to be something that Carole is not saying,” Dr. Lasky says.

“Is it possible for Carole to just stop liking her? It’s possible but my instinct is that Carole is upset by the way Bethenny is acting and presenting herself. While this is merely a guess, many friendships fall apart when one friend changes their views on a person over time. This seems like this is the case,” she says, adding, “All in all, in a healthy friendship, needs are met on both sides of the relationship. It seems like Carole’s needs changed over time and Bethenny was one of the last ones to find out.”

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