After The Dust Settles

After The Dust Settles

Children grow up so fast

It's 11am on Tuesday and I'm taking a personal day to do press for the show, though I did bring work with me. Sitting in various green rooms I chatted with the ladies while editing a project that's due tomorrow. Work doesn't stop for TV!


Fast forwarding several hours, it's now very late in the evening and we've seen episode 2! This episode showed us still in St. Barths, soaking up the sun and eating ourselves silly, though we were sorry not to have seen more of the boys. When not filming we were also able to advance our scuba ratings a notch and did some great diving, even if I did get my tank caught under a rock at one point. I had plenty of oxygen left, though, so there was time to extricate myself in a way that wouldn't hurt the rock. François likes to paddle around on the surface when we dive (with an industrial-sized life vest) and kept telling our divemaster that he wanted to dive as well. She told him he needed to wait until he's bigger than the tank.


Simon and I have always approached life with gusto -- whether we are working, playing or relaxing, we embrace new experiences with open eyes and minds. When we married, neither of us had thoughts of having children. Frankly, I had prepared my mother over the years that it was highly unlikely she'd be a granny, and after our wedding Simon told his mum the same. After a few years we realized that we were no longer so set against having a family, and when we spoke about it we both brought up our ages, and that our fathers were 54 and 50 when we were born. We agreed we were ready enough, that if we waited we were never going to be "more ready," and 3 months later François was on the way! The moment we found out we began planning ahead for Johan, or Lola (my grandmother) had he been a she. We still can't quite believe that it worked out so well. Our two little guys are two years and 12 days apart, and are each other's best pals. Long may that continue!

Every day is an adventure with our boys. Just last week, François announced that he needed to wear a tuxedo to school as he was getting married. After I picked my jaw up off the floor -- life is fast in New York but not that fast! -- I found him a white shirt and black trousers. We happened to have a lovely arrangement from Ricochet, the show's producers, on the dining room table and raided it to make a little bouquet for the bride. Simon took François to school that day and took some really adorable pictures of the happy couple, though we're not sure whether she's moving in with us!

Over the weekend we purged the house of paper and clutter as we tend to do every few months, and finally figured out the best place to put a half-bath on the parlor level without having to move too many plumbing pipes. Suddenly I wondered why Johan was so quiet, and after a quick look around, I found him in the living room busily decorating a suede footrest with a black indelible marker. Yay! Yet another reason we're not buying any more furniture until after the dust settles from the renovation and Johan is in kindergarten. Or perhaps high school.

Until next week...C'est Bravo...regarder quelles passes!

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