Not A Documentary!

Not A Documentary!

Clearing the air.

Living in Manhattan is unlike living anywhere else. Although I do love to get away to The Hamptons just to see some green, the energy on the streets of New York is exciting. There's always something going on. I love fashion week, for example. I took in about 5 shows this year, and we've also gone to a few art gallery openings recently. Plus, it's easy to live a healthier lifestyle in the city because you can walk to most places you need to go.

Fast forward to "the day after." We previewed the first episode with over 500 family and friends at Touch in NYC Monday night. I watched the show tonight on Bravo with Bobby, Ally, Ginger and my parents at home. It felt surreal. Since the show has aired, I have been contacted by some old friends. I think hearing from them made all of this worthwhile for me -- I am so grateful to reconnect with them. My daughter Ally is very busy studying for exams before Spring Break right now, but she is doing well, and we are very grateful for all the hopeful and encouraging emails we have received since the show started. This shows you how many wonderful, caring people are out there.

Professionally, I have been very busy working on an exciting new Ready Made Drapery line that will be ready in a few weeks online at Zarin Fabrics. I have also been helping my sister secure more guests for her radio show Live With Lisa Radio and sell advertising for it.

There has been a lot of misinformation written about our background that I would like to clarify. Bobby has 3 grown children -- a daughter and 2 sons, and the eldest is married. We are an extremely close family but Bobby's children decided not to participate in the series. Bobby loves NYC and has strong ties to the Lower East Side. He was on the Mayor's business advisory board for a few years and is active in the community. Over 30 years ago Bobby started buying property in New York City. Since then, he has become a very successful real estate developer on both the east and west coasts. Bobby keeps Zarin Fabric Warehouse running as a family tradition. Specializing in discount drapery and upholstery fabric, I came into the business a few years ago to help expand into discount accessories and home furnishings. I am planning to go to Highpoint to develop more product lines for Zarin Fabrics in April.

In closing, I would like to address some of the reviews we have been getting. This is a docudrama, not a documentary. The show we put together is meant to entertain you for an hour. We don't pretend to be perfect, know it all or say we represent anyone but ourselves. Please watch, laugh and cry as we share a little time with you.


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