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Watch Out For Fireworks

Recaps on girls night out and dinner with Alex and Simon.

By Jill Zarin


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Alex and LuAnn really hit it off at the girls night out! Were you surprised? Also, at the end you mentioned you'd include Ramona next time -- viewers are going to be dying to know why she wasn't at this party.

As Ramona says, "You can't invite everyone to everything!" Just kidding! Of course, Ramona meets Alex in an upcoming episode. Watch out for fireworks!

You and your husband went to dinner with Alex and Simon this week. How did it go?


I have to say we had a great night at the Kobe Club. Our friends own the restaurant and gave us the VIP treatment with a special meal as well. I hope Simon and Alex enjoyed it too. I know Bobby and Simon enjoyed talking about traveling and Alex and I talked about everything! I have to apologize to them about the St. Bart's remark. I don't remember why I said it but it didn't come across very nice. ST. Bart's is beautiful anytime of year.
We didn't see Ally in this episode! How has she been?

Episode 4 took place at the beginning of the school year and of course school is her priority. Ally didn't have time to film very much after the summer. Ally is a very serious student and is actually taking 2 major math courses this year to get ahead. Geometry AND Algebra 2 at the same time! In addition to her 5 major courses, she has her hands full. In addition, she is very involved with the Earth Club at school and reaching out to kids with Arthritis (and of course, shopping too! ha ha) Ally will be on again though, so stay tuned!

Many viewers have had questions regarding Allyson's health. Ally does not have JRA or RA. Ally has spondyloarthropathy arthritis. Regarding her trip to Martha's Vineyard -- she was in a controlled environment where she did other things besides the shakes. Understand it was NOT for weight loss. She was taking so many different medications because of her arthritis (one which caused an ulcer) and this was her way of getting them "out." The weight loss was just a result of the detox and was definitely not a diet. If you want to do it you can, but make sure you do not work out or do any intense mental or physical activity. You can do it for a week in the summer or on a long vacation but the first few days will be hard. It wasn't just the drinks but also lots of treatments so the results may be different.

If you do want to go on a diet, Allyson says changing a few little things will make a big difference in the long run. Substitute water with lemon for orange juice in the morning for instance!

And anything else you'd like to talk about!

My stepson is still in the hospital (he has been 2 long weeks). He has been diagnosed with STILL's disease, which is an adult form of JRA. He has good and bad days but we know he will recover from this. We are continuing to try new drug therapies and hope to find the one that works. If you have information on STILL disease, please email me through my website We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes.

Zarin Fabrics has been working hard over the past 12 months building a green section of fabrics. We have some in stock now and expect much more to come over the next several months. Giving our customer the BEST fabric and the BEST price has always been the goal at Zarin Fabrics. Last weekend I was on my sister Lisa's radio show Live With Lisa Radio again. I am starting to understand my sister's passion for talk radio and who knows, is the show Sisters starting to develop? Please listen to it online and if you like it, let Lisa know!

I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of emails from all of you and I hope I have answered each of you ( please email again if I missed it at

Some of you asked why I wasn't in the show too much last night. Don't worry, there is more Jill Zarin to come!

Remember " Green is the new Black!" from Allyson and her Earth Club Until next week!

Love, Jill

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