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Dinner parties and awkward conversations!

By Jill Zarin

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Bethenny introduced you to the race tracks in this episode. What did you think of the whole experience?

I was very excited when Bethenny asked me to come with her to the track. The track is 20 minutes away from Manhattan and yet I felt it was 1950 (not that I was around then!). How could I have missed this?! It was so exciting. But to be there with Bethenny Frankel, queen of the track, was truly special. The most awkward moment, however, was when Louis gave Bethenny her birthday "present". Did you see how fast his friend said it was not from him too?! it was crazy! Bethenny, when are we going back???

Things got a little awkward at Bethenny's birthday dinner. What was that all about?

Bethenny was in rare form that night. What the viewer doesn't see is that Bethenny gave me a lot of "rules" about what I could and could not talk about. Also, we had spent a lot of time talking about her birthday present. Girls help girls. I was trying to give Jason credit for buying her such beautiful gifts and also a hint of what she likes. I have been known to have a friend tell Bobby what I want for a present. I was really embarrassed after she yelled at me in front of the entire table. I would never do that to anyone. Never. I have to be careful what I talk to her about from now on.

Did Ally stick it out with her internship for the entire summer? Do most of the parents in your circle expect their teenagers to work?

Was that the funniest scene EVER? Ally tried but once school started, she didn't have time to work anymore. Ally is taking 6 major courses and 2 minor and to say she is LOADED with homework would be an understatement. Many of my friends' children have had babysitting jobs as early as 12, but most do not work during the school year. I am more proud of Allyson than I could have ever imagined. Being on a reality show was a risk and Ally came off exactly as she is. Intelligent, classy and focused. I thank you all for giving her encouragement to continue her mission to help other children battle any chronic disease. Talking about it is the first step to healing.

And finally, your party at 21. Were you surprised Ramona showed up so late? Any other reflections on the night?

I was not surprised Ramona arrived late to the party but I was surprised she showed up 90 minutes late. I was angry because I knew that Alex and Simon have small children and would not last that long. As you saw, they fell apart at the end of the night. Bobby and I love to entertain. We often have dinner parties at home and sometimes in restaurants like the 21 Club. We all laughed and cried that night and Bobby made the final toast -- "One more that's it!"


And anything else you'd like to talk about!

I want to thank Bravo and Ricochet Television for the wonderful job they did editing the show. We filmed for almost 5 months. For every scene you saw there were at least 2 scenes cut. I don't know how they did it! I learned a lot watching myself and hope to grow from this experience. I hope I made my parents and family proud of me and gave them something fun to watch when I am not around.

My "Team Jill" shirts and yoga pants are for sale now on the Bravo online store. We did them for fun and hope to see you wearing them this summer. If you do..please email me your pictures to Many fans of the show have emailed me many different questions so I started a newsletter on my website. I read my blog often and respond randomly, so keep writing! Lastly, I will be a guest on my sister's radio show Live with Lisa Radio soon! If you interested in a sisters show, please email Lisa at Shh...don't tell her I told you to!


I hope to get back to work again this week. If you are in NYC and need fabric, please stop by Zarin Fabrics at 314 Grand Street and say hi!

The best part of doing the show for me was meeting so many new people. I love reading all the fan mail and blogs. So many of you reached out to me when my stepson fell ill, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for all your health tips for Ally and the Monavie a fan sent us is helping. My stepson is out of the hospital and home with us. He started a new drug and it seems to be working. He is getting better everyday. Yesterday, Bravo announced Season 2 of the The Real Housewives of New York City. I would love to know if you want to see the Zarin Family back? We filmed the reunion special last week and I promise you will not be disappointed! See you Tuesday night at 9 p.m.! (not 10 p.m.!)

Love, Jill

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