A Mother And Homemaker First

A Mother And Homemaker First

Children first, LuAnn second

Though it may seem like my social calendar is overflowing, first and foremost I'm a mother and a homemaker. I have a daughter, 12, and a son, 9, who keep me hopping, and a husband who travels a great deal on business. After keeping up with them, I make time for myself and my interests, which includes as much fun as I can pack in.

The whole of New York is my oyster. I love its diversity, its artists, its rapid-fire business, its cosmopolitan feel, its fashion and its tastes. I love standing on a corner waiting to cross and hearing three and four languages at once. We moved from Switzerland to New York some years ago for family reasons. I love Manhattan, but if we need to move on, I'll be ready. Rome was my first love in Europe -- hard to beat that city!

Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to snuggling in with the kids and Roseanne for tonight's premiere.

Until next week.... -LuAnn

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