Breakin' It Down

Breakin' It Down

Noel the Cyclone and Aston's dog training


Noel showed off his breakdancing skills this week! How did he get interested in it? Is he still keeping up with it?

My husband and I had a birthday party in NY and we let Noel invite some friends. They started dancing and that was it!. Cyclone is his name and dancing is his game. All kidding aside, its been great for Noel's dexterity and self esteem.

You and Jill had a joint dog-training session. Has Aston's house training situation improved at all?

I have grown to love Aston, he is the cutest dog. He is such a good boy and a quick learner (everything I love). The dog trainer was helpful for sure but they just get it at a certain point, much to Rosanna's relief.

And anything else you'd like to add! I

am so happy with the show and I want to answer all of my fans by saying thanks, first of all. Ray Ban are the glasses, I go to Fiber Salon in NY (Mary), my dresses are by Diane F. and yes, that was a Bernese Mountain dog.

About Switzerland, we vacation there and have a home there still. I love it because I actually grew up there in a way, everyone speaks at least 3 languages, the food is wonderful (I love cheese) and we have a lot of friends living there from all over the world.



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