Good Friends Always Forgive

Good Friends Always Forgive

Apologies go a long way with the girls.

The day of the dinner party I had the worst day ever at the office. But more than that I was very stressed and upset about a severe illness in my family. I was very edgy and looking forward to relaxing with the girls, so imagine my surprise when Simon was there. It definitely threw me for a loop and made me more upset and stressed. Had I known he was coming I never would have accepted the invitation. When I was invited to the dinner I told everyone I couldn't come because I had plans already with my girlfriend Marla, but they told me to come anyway. I didn't remind everyone when I got there that I had to leave at 9:30 because I was so thrown off by Simon's presence, and so were the other women because they all forgot I was leaving early too!


Bethenny grabbed me and pulled me into the kitchen so I could calm down. I actually had a fantastic time with everyone at dinner -- so much so that when I looked at my watch it was 10 p.m. and I was late to meet Marla. I was so flustered I just left in a haste because my friend was already in a car waiting for me.

The next day I called everyone to apologize about how I left so abruptly and forgot to remind them I was leaving early. Thank goodness good friends always forgive!

After having such a good time with Bethenny at Jill's, I wanted to see her again. I called her to invite her to come with my girlfriend and me to a bachelor event in the city. My girlfriend had just recently been divorced and it's very difficult to start over. She needs the support of her married friends, so I thought I'd go with her and help her meet some new people.

Bethenny told me she was going to be there anyway, and that we should meet up there. I really enjoy her sense of humor and candidness. There are some people you just click with automatically. I definitely developed a bond with her, especially when she came to my apartment and we talked about our relationships with our fathers.


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