Tinsley Mortimer: Why Judge an Activity That in No Way Involves You?

Tinsley Mortimer: Why Judge an Activity That in No Way Involves You?

"A little support at the Mayflower dinner table would have been nice."

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The Mayflower Spa was gorgeous...beautifully decorated, charming, and amazing treatments. What a perfect place for Luann to go after rehab to transition into the life she had known before her arrest. I have to say: She looks fabulous. Rehab agrees with her, but I know she is still fearful of the onus hanging over her head.  

Lordy! Let’s get this straight. Going wedding dress shopping is FUN. I make absolutely NO apologies for it. And having a mother who still thinks the most fun thing in her world is looking at wedding dresses with her 42-year-old optimistic, hopeful, romantic, idealist daughter is a blessing.  

Truth to tell, shopping for wedding dresses is not new to us. My mom and I are old hands at this, having carried out this ritual three times. The first was not for a wedding at all but for my debutante party, reception, and presentation at two balls. This, of course, required several dresses, (I snagged two Vera Wangs!). The next time was for my wedding to my ex.  My mom flew up from Richmond to New York, because where else would we find the dress of my dreams?!!! We milked this “chore” for days...Vera Wang, Amsale, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera…so many to choose from.  We made our final decision at Reem Acra and even found my mom’s dress there. So fun! 

I’m not sure why most of the girls found my mother and my wedding dress adventure bizarre. I might think some of their activities are unusual, but I doubt that I would tell them so and particularly if it were a moment they were having with their mother. Whatever their reasons, a little support at the Mayflower dinner table would have been nice…a few “What fun’s” would have been welcome. I mean, why judge an activity that in no way involves you? Instead of curiosity, I received mostly a gang-up. No worries…I’ll survive!

Are You F---ing Going There?!

Awhhhh…Crestgate!!!  (FYI, a crest is the decoration at the very top of the coat of arms. Some people use only the crest to represent their family). My parents had the Mercer family coat of arms engraved on a gold pinkie ring as my graduation present from Lawrenceville. My Dad always wore one, as well, so it’s very sentimental to me, and I don’t ever take it off. I never used the Mortimer crest during my marriage.  I do, however, understand Sonja’s desire to use the Morgan crest. She has a Morgan daughter, and clearly she is proud to have been a part of that family. She has the right to do what she wants, and it’s absolutely none of my business.

See you next week!

Xoxo Tinsley

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