Sonja Morgan: Everybody Seemed to Enjoy My Lesbian Moment

"It’s part of being the hostess with the mostess, I guess."

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Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Isn’t So Sure About Her Relationship
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The episode starts out with the least confrontational confrontation in history! I’m glad to see that Luann and Dorinda could be cordial, but they could hardly even make eye contact. At the very least, it was a start. 

I was sorry to see that Luann said that my Paper Mag party wasn’t the right place to talk with Dorinda. Really? Everyone was so cool and so free. This was the perfect time for the girls to finally set their egos aside. 

Meanwhile, I was busy with my f---ability assessments. Tinsley? She’s like a breakable porcelain doll. Not so much. Barbara? Absolutely, and in more than one way, if you ask me. Speaking of going both ways…

One minute I was just doing my thing, and then next thing I know, this Brazilian Victoria (Luann’s daughter) look-a-like asks for a kiss. I didn’t realize she was going to clean my pipes! Everybody sure seemed to enjoy my “drive-by lesbian moment.” It’s part of being the hostess with the mostess, I guess. Who needs party favors! 

As much as I love being in my new apartment, I still have landlord duties to take care of at the townhouse. And now that I’m between tenants, I have to get everything in tip-top shape. Good thing I know my way around some “caulk” and am friends with Dorinda who is going to take my curtains to Madame Paulette. I’m glad she’s leaving the past in the past and moving to a new place.

This guy Ramona went on a date with may not have a red scarf, but he sure has a lot of red flags. I knew it was over when he chose his wine based on his favorite soccer team. To date Ramona, you better know your wines, be hot in bed, and stop talking about yourself. 

Dorinda Medley Tries to Make Peace With Luann de Lesseps
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I’m so glad that Bethenny brought everybody together for a gangsta lunch to get somewhere in the Dorinda/Luann feud. Just when Dorinda thought she was the only one dressed for the occasion, in walks Barbara looking like the Al Capone of the Upper East Side.

Nobody was really copping to anything, and I don’t know of many gangster lunches that end in a truce. 

I love any chance I get to see Dale. She’s so classy, well mannered, and a great influence on me. Plus she’s there to back me up when I’m trying to give Tinsley dating advice. We both want the best for her and her to move on with her life. As I said, Scott should be chasing Tinsley, not the other way around. She has hundreds of men that would want to be with her if she could just treat herself with respect. 

Dorinda said to Barbara that I was the one who brought papers from Luann’s lawsuit to the table. Really? I was defending Luann saying no one knows a lawsuit from the face of it, and then she pulled out the 18 pages of papers on her phone. We aren’t the judge and jury. 

Tune in next week to see where this goes. 


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