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Tinsley Mortimer: My Mom Likes to Poke at Me

"I love it when my mother comes to town...but somehow she always seems to find a way to 'instruct' me or to suggest a solution to something that’s bothering her."

Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Isn’t So Sure About Her Relationship

I’m just not following this general belief that Luann is owed an apology by Dorinda. Though I know Dorinda can get a little testy, I also know that Luann sometimes is clueless to her own behavior. On our trip to Cartagena, although somewhat mean-spirited, Dorinda’s response to Luann was warranted, I thought. As we all know, Luann can be a bit high-handed and hypocritical sometimes. Calling out Dorinda for breaking a glass in front of a “lady," as if her own behavior and manners are far superior to Dorinda's, seemed a bit arrogant and clueless...especially after she herself had recently been arrested in Palm Beach for assaulting a police officer. I thought Dorinda’s response, “At least I didn’t get a mugshot,” was an appropriate comeback to Luann’s pomposity. When Dorinda called out “Jovani” at Luann’s Cabaret last year, she was reminding Luann that the contact for wearing Jovani dresses gratis was through her own efforts when she took Luann to Jovani to make selections for her first cabaret. While I will admit there was some heckling (including from myself who incorrectly called out Giovani in support of Dorinda since I knew she was hurt), I totally understood Dorinda's motives. And telling the press that Dorinda needed rehab when Luann herself had been to rehab twice was unfair. Why should a good friend compromise another's reputation? Of course, this didn’t make Dorinda feel that she was the one who owed an apology. Though Bethenny was clearly making an effort at Sonja’s Paper Magazine party to get the two ladies together and put everything to bed, her efforts unfortunately didn’t work given the overly-sensitive and righteous feelings of both Dorinda and Luann. Who knows if these two will ever be close again? 

Dorinda Medley Tries to Make Peace With Luann de Lesseps

At the party, I almost fainted when I saw Sonja making out with that girl. From my angle, I thought the person was a man and was surprised by Sonja going at it! No judgments! I mean, I have been known to do a little PDA myself! I just wasn’t expecting to see all that and was a bit shocked! But Sonja is just that free spirit who likes to have fun, and BTW, I have heard she really is a good kisser. Personally, anything she does is hysterical to me. Without a doubt, Sonja is quite simply a gifted comedian! 

Next on RHONY: Who Is Sonja Morgan Making Out With?

What can I say? Dale/Mommy. I love it when my mother comes to town, and I always know we will have fun together, but somehow she always seems to find a way to “instruct” me or to suggest a solution to something that’s bothering her. She wasn’t being mean to me when she wore Tabitha Simmons shoes to the Marmara. Honestly, she’s just a bit cheeky and thinks things like that are funny and likes to poke at me. (Later she gave me the shoes, saying she really had bought them for me, since she knows I am a huge fan of Tabitha’s Mary Janes). Though that exchange was fairly innocent, the Christmas stocking display was not. Without a doubt, Dale was trying to stick it to me that Scott was not coming through for me (in her opinion), and she thought I should be finished with him and move on. I understand her concern. She doesn’t want me wasting a second at 43 years old with a man who isn’t ready to marry and start a family. The poor woman just can’t help herself.

Watching Ramona on her date gave me new-found confidence in her and her abilities. I think she handled that ridiculous bore beautifully.  

Mom is nothing but consistent. Our cocktails at the Mondrian were fun, but I just wish this Scott subject would die down. When Sonja and Mom get together, I always know the direction the conversation will ultimately go…marriage and babies. Enough!!! I know Scott loves and is committed to me, and we will work out the logistical problems in our relationship that always seem to defeat us. And the pronunciation is KUUM LOUDY, btw.

Dorinda Medley Kicks Barbara Kavovit Out of Her Home

While watching Barbara at Dorinda’s apartment, I was somewhat surprised that a friend and a contractor would basically insult Dorinda’s well-loved New York habitat with some of the comments made. But then, worse, Barbara appears to have deaf ears to anything Dorinda says about her friendship with Luann. Barbara, weren’t you a friend of Dorinda’s also? Didn’t Dorinda compassionately help you when Luann turned on you after your comment overheard at the charity party? Where is the loyalty? Dorinda’s frustration over Barbara’s undying devotion to Luann is palpable…she just cannot take it anymore, and I believe this is why she basically threw Barbara out. It will be interesting to see how their friendship progresses…or not!

See you next week!

XXO, Tinsley

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