Ask the Countess: PDA!

Ask the Countess: PDA!

The Countess discusses inappropriate cell phone use and PDA!

Hello Countess,
First, I LOVE the show! You all are fabulous! It's a great distraction from my medical school studies. My problem regards my friends with who I study. They recently started dating and cannot keep their hands off one another as we have a weekly study session at the local coffee shop. I am really getting annoyed by it and am unsure as to how to approach the matter to them. I really enjoy them as my friends and they make good study partners, but PDAing in a Starbucks to me is inappropriate.
Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Jen,
Thanks so much. Tell your newly attached friends that you love to study with them but their PDAing is distracting you more than watching the RHoNYC. Gently ask them to focus on studying during your weekly session. They are in a public space afterall. I'm sure they are enraptured with each other and clueless of your discomfort not to mention how inappropriate it is. Isn't new love grand if slightly annoying. Best wishes with your studies.
The Countess

Dear Countess de Lesseps,
I am fifteen years old and currently in high school. I have a problem with the bond I have with my mother. Do you have any tips or ways to form a special relationship with my mother that will last? I would very much appreciate it!
Fathomed in Florida

Hi Fathomed,
Your mother is lucky to have a fifteen-year old daughter who wants to bond with her. The best way to form lasting memories with your mother is to do things together. Do things with her that you would do with a girlfriend. You might like to go shopping with her, share a secret of yours and make her feel special, create rituals like morning coffee or a daily chat after school. Lasting bonds take time to form. You may be suprised at how much your mother loves to spend time with you. The more you give her of your time the more you will receive. You only have to ask. Good Luck!

Countess de Lesseps,
Please settle this contentious point between my husband and myself...REVOLVING DOORS. He maintains standard procedure applies...women first. I insist he should go first to push the door.
Mrs. M

Hi Mrs. M,
You are both correct! If the revolving door is in motion, the woman goes first. If the revolving door is stopped and needs a push, the man goes first. Happy Trails!
The Countess

Dear Countess,
My fiancé and I would like to know how to approach the topic of what his mother and father traditionally pay for in regards to our wedding.
Thank you,

Communication is key while planning a wedding. Traditionally, a marriage is the joining of two families and the bride and groom's family have responsibilities for the celebration. The groom's family pays for the rehearsal dinner at a minimum. Also, the groom's family is responsible for corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres. You must consider the groom's family's financial situation and willingness to share in the expenses. There are wonderful wedding planning books that you can give his parents as a gift.
The Countess

Hey LuAnn!
Cell phones. I can't stand them. I realize that people are just going to talk on them whenever they want to, but is there any proper way of telling them, "Would you mind turning that damn thing off?" (In Countess language, of course!)

Hi Lauren,
I am with you on public cell phone use. One of my pet peeves is people who speak on their cell phones in elevators. There is no escape from their conversation. Phone booths were created for a reason. I sure do miss them, don't you? I think that saying "Excuse me, would you mind lowering your voice or taking your call in private?" is acceptable if you are in a place where cell phone use is discourteous. Peace be with you!
The Countess


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