Queen of Accountability

Queen of Accountability

Jill talks economy, costumes, and Kelly's late arrival!

I was thrilled to invite the BBC into our home. All was fine until the interviewer turned against me. (At least that is what it felt like). I suppose I can't blame him. He had just arrived from a 100-day bus tour of the United States and was seeing a lot of angry Americans who wanted to point their finger at someone. Why me? I think after I explained my point of view, he stopped the attack and engaged in a very thoughtful conversation. Of course you only saw the dramatic parts, but I would definitely do it again. I love a good challenge.

My favorite costume was Roller Girl. Especially when she rolled backwards down Broadway.

I love Halloween. Every year our friends make "sick" costume parties and we all get decked out for them. This year was no different. I bought my costume from http://www.francollc.com/ . For some reason my costume is not on the site, but you can email them there. I think it was under $100 for everything including purple wig and white hose. It is not for me to say if I had the best costume, but I appreciate all the compliments. Thank you.

Kelly is wrong. I have the text message and time stamp. The party started at 9 PM and I got there at 9:45. I left at 10:20 and she texted me at 10:45. She said she left her house at 9:45 and was in traffic. As Bethenny says, I am the queen of accountability. I just like to set the record straight. My favorite costume was Roller Girl. Especially when she rolled backwards down Broadway.

I was not originally happy with the space I was using for the benefit because it was on two floors. The upstairs is spectacular for a party. It is overlooking the Husdon River and the sofas give the space a living room feel. The Hudson Terrace ended up being the perfect place for the party. We had the charity and cocktail party downstairs and the dinner under the stars (Though tented due to rain that night!) I would definitely do it again there. Thank you Hudson Terrace.

Sorry, last I heard this show is called The Real Housewives of New York City.

I wanted to leave a message for Mario: As Kelly says...STOP! You are crossing the line again. No one wants to hear from you. Sorry, last I heard this show is called The Real Housewives of New York City. Oh and by the way, the "rules" you wrote have been passed around the Internet for years. Don't pretend you wrote them. That is called PLAGIARISM. Though you didn't say you wrote them, you ALLUDED that they were your words (get a dictionary, you might have to look up a few words this week.)

As some of you have noticed, I look a little thinner. I had a breast lift reduction and you can see an exclusive spread in Life & Style magazine this week. I feel so much better and am grateful for all your prayers and good wishes. Many people ask me what designers I am wearing or where to buy what I wore on the show. I set up a page on www.chictini.com and I always update my fashion photos there. Now I will be able to wear almost anything and am excited to go shopping! As always, visit me at jillzarin.com for daily updates and blogs. Don't forget...life is about relationships and we preserve ours with photographs. Visit Ally's site at http://itsallyzarins.wordpress.com/ and see the photos she has taken with her new Kodak Easyshare M1093 IS Digital Camera. She loves how easy it is to upload pictures with the built in technology!


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