Self-Proclaimed Stud?

Self-Proclaimed Stud?

Jill Zarin weighs in on this week's drama between the wives.

I have been thinking about moving for a long time. This is the longest I have ever lived at one address since I was brought up in Woodmere, LI. I would go back and forth in my mind because when Ally leaves for college in 18 months, we won't need more space and we will want to travel more. Bobby also predicted the real estate market correction, though never to this extent, 2 years ago. With that in mind, though our apartment was beautiful, I wanted a new look. I wanted to change from traditional to modified mid-century modern.

Everyone has a different threshold of frustration. I admit, when it's personal I get frustrated more quickly.

I also wanted to show what Zarin Fabric Warehouse does. We not only sell discount Hunter Douglas Window Treatments, Ready Made Drapes and Drapery and Upholstery fabrics but we also offer a full range of Interior Design Services all over the world. In fact, Brad is working in Moscow on a very big project.

Everyone has a different threshold of frustration. I admit, when it's personal I get frustrated more quickly. I actually have a lot to say about this issue but reserve the right to come back to it in a few episodes!

I think the entire "retouching" issue was ridiculous and talked about too much. I thought it was boring. Who cares? Did LuAnn mean it? I think so. I think she was a little jealous, yes. So what? Haven't we all been a little jealous of something? I do think LuAnn spoke out of both sides of her mouth. One week she says she really isn't a model when talking to Kelly. She says she did "a little catalog" work years ago. Then she tells Bethenny that she mentioned it due to her experience. But really, who cares?

There are downsides to being married to a "self-proclaimed stud."

I think LuAnn better check herself before she wrecks herself. She is notoriously seen around town alone or with single girlfriends and should not throw stones in glass houses, especially if she is writing a book about class and etiquette.

I admit I do love the drama sometimes. If I was there, I would have told LuAnn to calm down. If it was me, I would have told Ramona I love older men. Bobby adores me and always will because I am younger. I wouldn't have appreciated Bobby goggling another women on the street right in front of me like Mario did in episode 1. There are downsides to being married to a "self-proclaimed stud." One day he might think that she is too old for him.

Due to the overwhelming LOVE for my mom Gloria, I made Sol (my Dad) set up a new email for her "fans" so they can talk to her. Her email is The second most common question asked is when is she or my sister Lisa Wexler ( coming back. You will have to wait to see what happens, but if you want Gloria back next season, Andy Cohen is the person to tell! Feel free to write to him on his blog right here on The third most popular question, did I lose weight? How is my skin so good? Go to and watch the video. If you are still interested, contact me through the site.

Brad and I do decorate homes all over the world. If you are interested in our design services or just need some Hunter Douglas window treatments, please email us at for an appointment.

As always, I get very excited when people email me pictures of their housewives parties on Tuesday nights at 10PM and wear TEAM JILL shirts and sweats. Aren't they the most comfortable? Please keep them coming.

Keep checking for press and blog updates. I am adding new photos almost everyday and my eBay store is open. Proceeds will be going to a charity that is honoring me May 11, 2009 in NYC called ARTrageous benefiting foster children. Details on my website.

Allyson asked me to tell all of you about her charity called Please visit for details and to enter the Prom Contest.

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Love, Jill Zarin

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