Dating In the City

Dating In the City

Kelly Killoren Bensimon shares more on her relationship with Max, and the hardships of dating in NYC.

After coming back from the A-List Awards on the redeye, I was filmed for the Thread, which appears on Apparently everyone is curious about what I wear on the show. The flower belt is a flower that I stapled to a piece of fabric and made it into a belt. It looks cute on a dress low slung, or even on jeans. I wore a feather choker at the A-List Awards, which everyone was asking me about. Ribbon isn't only for a child's hair - it is a cheap way to be creative and fun. On the Thread, they literally went through my closet and wanted to see all the clothes that I have been wearing on the show, even the green dress.

I then attended the Today Show Moms Book Party that launched on Monday. Jessica Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy was the charity that is reaping Pampers benefit. I wish I had their book to read while I was pregnant. I was so scared to have a baby, and I knew no one who had or was having kiddies. This new book is an awesome resource for new moms to be.

As for the show, this week is so funny. I take Max to Jill Zarin's fabric store. Before I knew who Jill was, I actually bought her fabric to change my white couches into hot pink Barbie couches, which was featured in InStyle Home.

I decided to bring Max with me because we were going to another party after. Max and I have gone out since the summer, and I love spending time with him. Dating in New York is hard. First of all, I have children, and I don't want to expose them to just anyone. I meet a lot of men who just want to piggyback on my life that I have worked so hard to create. Yes, while they were partying in their twenties, I was attending Columbia year round so I could graduate earlier, writing for any magazine that would print my words, and modeling for whomever to make as much money as I could, all at the same time. I have accomplished a lot for my age, but I don't regret any moment, the only problem is that I am now dating later in life, and I am honestly afraid. Do guys like me for me, or do they want to come to a party with me? I meet a lot of guys like that who can't wait to be photographed next to me or piggyback on my life. It honestly hurts my feelings. But Max just wants the best for me. He is amazing with my kids, and lets me do my own thing. So when we are together, I trust him, therefore, we can have fun. At the party, Max and I got into a pillow fight. Jill seemed surprised to meet Max, and Brad was excited to meet him. We were just having a little fun. Oops.

Do guys like me for me, or do they want to come to a party with me?

We then go to L.A. and meet my jewelry super-god, Pascal Mouawad. He has me, Heidi Klum, and Nicole Richie. He also made the Victoria's Secret million-dollar diamond bra.

Pascal is a jewelry maverick. He takes chances with new talent and pushes them like crazy. It is such an honor to work with such a genius. I am grateful that he is taking a chance with me to expand my costume jewelry brand. My new line, called "Kelly" is Indian inspired. I took Pocahontas out of the kayak and put her in the disco. The line ranges from 35 to 250 dollars. If you feel good and have a smile on your face while you are wearing one of my pieces, then I have done my job. Accessories know no age, weight, or height. Accessories should make you feel good instantly. I can't wait for you to see my new line.

How crazy is running in New York? No, I am not a gym rat. I put my sneakers on and run. It is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. I usually run after I drop my kiddies off at school. It doesn't cost any money, and after 25 minutes, you feel like a million dollars. I ran in traffic while I was training for the marathon. It was amazing to see all the small communities in New York. I now have friends in delis, even bus drivers recognize me. And, every second I was on the street, I knew I was running for beautiful children who were afflicted with cancer. You can read all about how I trained and the neuroblastoma fund in my column for Page Six magazine on

Don't forget to check out my product at the Bravo Shop. A portion of the proceeds go to the neuroblastoma fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Sttttayyyyygluuuueddddd.

And read the May issue of Harper's Bazaar where there are two pages filled with inner housewife truth. Oooooooooooooooooooo!

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