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Kelly reveals her favorite clips from the dramatic roll of NYC 'Lost Footage.'


Just when you thought it was over, Bravo comes up with a 14th episode called the "Lost Footage." But will it be the last footage? I have to say my favorite part of the "Last Footage" episode was when Jill Zarin's mom Gloria comments on the press surrounding her daughter's argument with the Alex and Simon. The season starts off with the NY Post as the new housewife. You hear more about the NY Post than you do about me. As a journalist for the NY Post's Page Six Magazine, good content is not easy to find. So when reality TV stars fight in gossip papers there is nothing better. It's free and it's easy, all you have to do is add quotation marks and you have an article.

There was a scene with one of my best friends, French fashion stylist Isabel Dupre, who worked at Elle for over 10 years with my ex-husband. She is not only a great friend, but also one of the most revered fashion stylists in the industry. She came over to my house to go through my closet, which is organized like a department store. The infamous closet has a life of its own and has been featured in magazines such as InStyle, OK, and the Japanese Harpers Bazaar. It's impossible for me to part with jeans I'll probably never even wear again, so when Isabel offered to weed through my fashion garden, I couldn't say no.

Instead of donating my clothes to the Salvation Army, I decided to donate them to a battered women organization. I am not assuming they want to wear my clothes, but if they can get 10 dollars from one of my dresses to help themselves out of a bad situation, then I have done my job. That's the kind of charity I like. Actually knowing that what I'm doing can help someone. I don't need to throw a party - I'd rather just do something. The closet cleanout scene was bittersweet. I got to help women in need, but I had to part with clothing that I never thought I would give away.

Another scene that stood out is the scene where Jill Zarin says my Girl Next Door costume was illegal. Halloween is a crazy holiday, but one thing to remember is if you are going to dress up, always dress to kill. Otherwise, what's the point?

And finally, Andy Cohen asks the housewives who they would vote off the show. I endured a lot of jealousy this season, but when four out of the six women indulged in high school antics and voted me off, I realized that 40 is the new 10. So they may want to kick me off the Real Housewives of NYC, but once you see what I have in store, you'll probably wish I had my OWN show. Welcome to Kelly's world. You too can wear rose-colored glasses, laugh your head off, smile when you look into your child's eyes, and be grateful for every awesome moment that arises. Let's go on Kelly time, we've got a lot to do. Check out my new jewelry line, which launches at Kitson in the end of June and Intermix in the Hamptons in July. More later!

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