Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road

Kelly reflects on her bar blowout with Bethenny.

Since last week, I took my two girls on their spring break vacation to Palm Beach, Florida. I tried to ride dressage at Olympian Ashley Holzer's farm in Wellington, and I even learned how to play "stick and ball" or polo for my show on plumTV, called Behind the Hedges. When we weren't driving around Florida and in search of Abercrombie, I ran every day (even after I had that terrible horse accident earlier last summer), and we spent hours poolside drinking the best frozen cappuccinos.

When I got back to New York, it was back to school. Vacations are bittersweet, I am with the girls all day doing fun things and then poof!, they are back to school, and I miss them so much during the day. Having children is the ultimate luxury, and raising them is never boring.

I thought it was odd to be confrontational in public.

Life is a lot of fun from the eyes of an 8 and 10 year old. I am so grateful to have my little ladies.

On to the show. Ramona invited me to go to the Badgley Mischka fashion show. I have known Mark and James for a long time. Mark and I show in the same division in riding, though he is greatly superior to me. He is one of the most elegant riders I have ever seen. Their show was dreamy and ultra feminine. My ex-husband shot their ad campaign with the Olsen twins, which was one of the greatest campaigns they have done. The show was beautiful, and after the show we went into the VIP lounge for W hotels. There at the IMG fashion week tents, Ramona asked me how to deal with Simon. I was surprised, because I had no idea that she had an issue with them. They were talking at a previous show, and I thought it was odd to be confrontational in public. Does it really matter how people act? It matters how you act.

I then asked Bethenny to meet for a drink. I didn't want to address her rudeness in public. I had to pick up my girls from school, take them home, and get ready to meet Max before I met her. I arrived and I was shocked by her manner. My intention was to talk to her about why she's so aggressive with me. After listening to her complain about why I don't acknowledge her and why we aren't friends, I decided to leave. Whatever Bethenny's issue is with me, it's her issue. When I went downstairs to meet Max, she was waiting for me in the doorway. I left, as I was shocked to see her "waiting," and went to meet sweet Max.

Maximillano Palacio is an amazing man. Smart. Sweet. Intelligent. Althetic. He is an amazing man with an impeccable upbringing. He is gentle, polite, and gracious. We have seen each other since the summer, and I love spending time with him. It was a great way to wrap up fashion week.

I then asked Bethenny to meet for a drink. I didn't want to address her rudeness in public.

I invited all the ladies to Page Six Magazine's first birthday party. I picked up LuAnn and filled her in on my meeting with Bethenny. She was flippant, cool, and just acted like, "who cares?" We had fun in the car. It was nice to have a party buddy. Normally I go alone and never stay long because I want to get home to my girls. There, Ramona got upset about an article I wrote. She thought I had inferred that I invited her to a fashion show. She did invite me to Bagdely Mischka. I thought it was sweet that she was so attentive to what I write in Page Six Magazine.

Regardless of all the drama, Fashion Week was so inspiring. My new jewelry line, which launches soon, was influenced by one of my favorite designers, Anna Sui. Her attention to detail, and her knowledge of her subject matter is amazing. Check out her show on www.style.com.

Please check out my panty line and yoga pants HERE. A portion of the proceeds goes to the neuroblastoma fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering. If you could see these babies and children smile, you would know why I ran a marathon for them.

Stay glued. You are going to love next week.


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