Take A Hint

Take A Hint

LuAnn weighs in on Bethenny and Kelly's feud.

I think Kelly's advice was good. If you don't like someone you can say hello and move on. Hopefully he will get the hint and stop trying. Ultimately its up to Ramona to decide who she wants to be friendly with and Simon is not on her list.

I don't take sides, but if I did, Bethenny came out the winner.

Kelly should have taken the advice she gave to Ramona about Simon. Kelly's behavior was totally inappropriate. When she told me in the car on the way to the Page Six party I didn't know she showed up late and that she told Bethenny she was the lowest on the totem pole. If you invite someone you don't arrive half an hour late and aggressively say you never want to be their friend. If you care that much to invite someone to solve a conflict this was done in the worst possible way. Unfortunately, Kelly lost her cool.

Kelly and Bethenny's conflict is between the two of them - it's really none of my business.I don't take sides, but if I did, Bethenny came out the winner.

Mario was insulting to Jill and her work, and there was no reason for that. It showed a side of him that was very unpleasant. He must have had a bad day at the religious boutique, as he appeared to be frustrated. He took it too far and did not behave like a gentleman.

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