Baby Bryn!

Baby Bryn!

Bethenny talks about the birth of her daughter and recaps her wild vacation with the Housewives.


First of all, thank you so much for all of your incredible, heartfelt well wishes. Bryn is a tiny peanut of a girl weighing 4lbs 12 oz. When I feel a little better next week, I will write a newsletter and give you all of the details. Sign up at

If you don't mind, this blog will be brief. I'm writing from a hospital bed in pain from stitches and waiting to be able to visit Bryn in the premature unit.

I think LuAnn's single is fun as a gimmick, catchy type of song. As long as she had fun recording it, that's all that matters. I give her credit for going for it. ‪

Jill and LuAnn have just made an art out of whining and complaining and really judging everyone around them. It has become white noise that you really don't pay attention to. It is so inconsequential to me right now that it is very difficult to even comment on.‪

Jill and Kelly seem to have a good friendship because Kelly really needs someone to take her under their wing, and Jill needs someone to influence and navigate.

I'm not sure exactly what set Kelly off. I don't think you can ever really predict what Kelly will say or do. She certainly doesn't operate under any normal circumstances nor is she predictable whatsoever. It is a little bit scary. I've learned to really just stay away from her. ‬‪



Evidently, turtle time is dancing at an island bar trying to avoid psychotic episodes on a luxury yacht.

Despite Sonja's comments, I don't believe she has a crush on Kelly. Sonja just likes to drink and have fun and have fun girl time. She seems to want everyone to just get along which is an admirable trait.

Wow, was I craving a skinnygirl margarita. Not drinking on that vacation was like being deprived of water after a marathon. I could hardly believe what was going on around me, and I was obviously stone cold sober.

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