Let's Get Real, Please

Let's Get Real, Please

Kelly talks about Jill and Bethenny's breakup, her spa day with the wives, and more.


As the season unfolds, the drama deepens for all the wrong reasons. Most of the women feel like they need to turn up the heat instead of being real. It's hard for me to be in some scenes, because some of the women are so inauthentic. Bethenny is pursuing her own path, and the playing field is no longer equal. Some of the ladies are jealous, some don't care, and some feel threatened by the new ladies on the show. It's all so strange to watch for I was actually there. I honestly just want these women to be real.

Jill felt abandoned by Bethenny. It's a hard breakup, and Jill is really effected by it. I can't comment, I can only support. I hope they reconcile and either become friendly or recognize that they don't get along. You can't always get what you want, you get what you need.

At the yoga center, I spoke with the girls about my experience with postpartum depression. Everyone always asks me how I did so much at such an early age. Instead of letting the hormonal depression beat me, I immersed myself in my young children and writing. Everyone goes through hard times in their life. It's not the game, it's how you play it. I am proud of what I went through - it makes me so grateful for all the amazing opportunities I have today. Life is full of lollipops and unicorns for me, I am so thankful for the life I have.

I thought it was sweet and funny when Jill encouraged me to not use "like" too often. I use it as a pause. I have since learned that when speaking you can take a breath and then talk. "Like" and "um" are crutches for a breath.

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