Not My Job to Judge

Not My Job to Judge

Kelly talks about her 'alleged' misdemeanor, lunch with Jill and LuAnn, and more!


Welcome back to The Real Housewives of New York City Season 3. So much has happened over the summer. I had such a great time with my two girls in East Hampton. It is incredible to see how much they grow with sun, laughter, and love.

The first time you see me is when LuAnn, Jill, and I meet at Nichols, which is my favorite Hampton's haunt for lunch. I love the low key atmosphere and the delicious food. The three of us sat down to eat, and I was nervous to film with them. I haven't seen anyone since the Reunion show, or what I call the courtroom (the only lawyer present is the Google alert). The women were all very aggressive with me, and I was clearly bored by the nonsense. I will say anything to get someone off my back. I just talk about anything until they stop berating me with gossip and banter. I unfortunately have the Housewife police on me to tell you what they heard from a best friend's friend they met in high school. Please check out my blog at to see what I am really doing.

During our lunch Jill and LuAnn were filling me in on what had happened over the summer. We spoke of my 'alleged' misdemeanor, which was dismissed. If anyone touches you, call the police. It isn't a joke, and no one needs to go through what I went through. Let the authorities do their job. LuAnn seems to be acclimating well after her situation. Life changes for the good or the bad. Is it my job to judge what she does? No. Can I listen and learn from her experiences? Yes. Jill also has gone through a lot with Bobby and Bethenny. I am grateful to hear of Bobby's recovery. As for Bethenny, her job is to sensationalize anything for media attention. I feel for Jill, because she thought their relationship was real. Real for TV, that was obvious. I came back to the show for one reason. I am not an actor; if I wanted an improvisational class I would go to an amazing acting class, I would not go on a reality TV show. It's tough filming when some women are geared up for "filming their scenes." I am just having fun and enjoying the process. Wish me luck.

PS - Please tweet me @kikilet if you have any questions. It is important to me that you see the real me. I appreciate the criticism.

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