Creepy, Nasty Scene

Creepy, Nasty Scene

LuAnn reacts to Bethenny's pregnancy news and Alex's "inappropriate" announcement.


Before Bethenny announced her pregnancy, I did notice that she was more emotional than usual and that she was fuller on top, but asking her if she was pregnant never crossed my mind. This is something that you never, ever ask a woman. Knowing Bethenny was pregnant helped me understand why she was so bitchy to me this season because I’ve done nothing to deserve her wrath.

Although she’s allowing thousands of strangers to know what her every move is, Bethenny decided to block me from Twitter. That is her choice. I have enough friends.

My book reading at Bloomingdale's went really well regardless of Jill and Kelly chatting during the event. I stayed focused and had fun wearing a dress designed by Jorge Perez, the man shown interviewing me on stage. I was happy that Jill and Kelly came to my event even if it took them a little while to settle down! The scene was so short that you didn’t get to see us enjoying ourselves.

Ramona’s party was fine until Alex arrived with her message from Bethenny. Whatever possessed her to use Alex as a messenger? I don’t believe that Alex should have agreed to carry such a message in the first place. I think it was a way for her to settle her score with Jill, but it was inappropriate nonetheless. I was incredibly embarrassed for Jill as the message was delivered in front of everyone. It was a creepy, nasty scene that I’d rather forget.

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