Mystery Man

Mystery Man

LuAnn talks about her new relationship, Ramona's big mouth, and more.


I’ve known Sonja for years and we share many of the same girlfriends. When I met her, I immediately thought that this was someone who likes to have a good time. She reminds me of Mae West because she loves men and is unapologetic about enjoying life. My first impression was that she was glamorous, funny and smart. Just my type of girlfriend.

I saw Alex’s fashion show for the first time when I watched the episode and I was really happy for her that it turned out well. The girls looked beautiful. I think Alex had the best walk down the runway of the three. I’m happy Ramona has great success with her jewelry because modeling obviously isn’t her thing.

Jill wanted to set me up with a much older man. It was nice of her to think of me, but I already had someone that I liked so I declined her offer.

I wasn’t reluctant to discuss my new relationship with Jill on camera, but I do believe in discretion. I met my mystery guy through mutual friends at a party and was immediately smitten by him. His name begins with a “J” just like Jill’s psychic predicted! At that time, the relationship was brand new and not exclusive so I didn’t want to disclose too much.


I know that Ramona was angry with Jill after the fashion show but I don’t think that she understood how hurtful she was being when that she insulted Kodak and Jill, and then started a fight with Kelly. Ramona needs to edit herself and exhibit some self-control. This is why Ramona is so unpredictable; you never know what is going to come out of her mouth. She is unaware of how her behavior affects others. Clueless!

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