Over the Emotional Edge

Over the Emotional Edge

LuAnn explains why she declined Ramona's invite, and is baffled by Kelly's behavior on the trip!

When Ramona invited me to join her on the St. John trip, I declined so that I could be with Victoria on her birthday. When Jill mentioned over drinks that she was considering going anyway and surprising the girls, I cautioned her again not to go. The incessant bickering between the girls was incredibly rude to Ramona. Now I understand why Ramona went overboard with the Pinot Grigio.

As for whether Bethenny is a chef versus a cook, the first time I met her, she was in the kitchen cooking for one of my best friends and I can vouch that she was hired as a chef. She may not work in a restaurant, but she is a chef nonetheless and it looked like she put a lot of effort into the dinner she made for the girls.

I encouraged Kelly to pass on this trip because I knew that she couldn’t defend herself. I’m still baffled by how antagonistic she was at the dinner party. I think that Kelly may have had other issues going on at home that pushed her over the emotional edge. Kelly’s lack of empathy makes it hard for her to be a good girlfriend. After watching this episode, I can honestly say, I’m glad I stayed home! I don’t think anyone could have helped Kelly in this situation.

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