Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

Ramona tells LuAnn to back off, and addresses the comments she made about Kelly's breast implants!


I cannot get over this episode! I have been quoted by the press as stating this is a tumultuous season, but even I was not ready for this and it's only going to get more turbulent! Buckle up and hold on for the ride!

This was worse than being in high school. Some of our behavior is unbelievable. I for one was in rare form at Saks I could not keep the zipper on my mouth shut. First with LuAnn when I saw her chit-chatting so friendly-like with Alex and Simon – I admit I lost it and told them how LuAnn did not want to have them at her home. Worse is that she would not own up to it and asked if I was calling her a liar?!? That’s one thing about LuAnn – she loves to make herself look good by putting someone else down. She can be so condescending at times. That’s why Bethenny got so upset with her at the fashion show. If LuAnn can lie directly to my face as well as to Alex and Simon, Bethenny might be right in calling LuAnn a snake. LuAnn could of easily turned it around by saying, "You are right Ramona, I did not want them to come to my house, but after spending time on the boat with Alex I changed my mind." (If you read my last week blog you will see how I mention this).

Now, let’s talk about Kelly. Over a year ago when I hardly knew her I was with two other women and a man and she readily volunteered telling us she had her breasts done after giving birth to her girls and was not really happy with the way they turned out. So now I am with her and several of our girlfriends and she gets bent out of shape that I commented on her breast job? She is posing nude for Playboy and exposing her breasts and other body parts for all to see and comment on, and yet now she can’t talk about her breasts? Kelly wants to be private, yet she'll be in Playboy, which is hardly private!

Back to LuAnn, I am not finding any warmth or comfort in her. I say what is on my mind, I don't whisper behind people’s backs like she says one should! Why is LuAnn getting into everyone’s business? She's in Jill’s business, Bethenny's, Kelly's and mine. She is just making every situation worse.


And as for Kelly, I really do not know what to say except that she is right, she is on her own planet and no one else is there. It’s too bad she has no idea she is the only one on it!

On a positive note, Avery has really grown up to be a beautiful young lady inside and out. She’s no longer my little girl, but in my heart she always will be. She’s so independent now, part of me felt torn seeing her get into the cab to head home solo, but you know what, she has proven to me how responsible she is and I need to respect that and let her grow.

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