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Only (Turtle) Time Will Tell

After a wild and crazy reuinon, Ramona reacts to Jill's apologies, Kelly's "wackiness," and more.

By Ramona Singer


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Well everyone, where do I begin!?!

You need to understand that when we filmed the reunion, I had just come back from a two week safari with And Beyond (here's the video to show you what I was experiencing). More importantly, I went into the community to visit schools and children that and my group of girlfriends helped raise money to support.

That said, it was surreal to sit on the couch and listen to Kelly's wackiness and all the nonsense coming from Jill's mouth. I wanted to be back in the bush with the zebras and elephants!!!

I found it very sad that Kelly does not realize her problems and tried to spin it as though we bullied her, four against one. Bullying is a very serious issue that is happening to young children and young adults and she is making a mockery of it by her claims. I always knew something was off with her, but now all of America can see how really out there she is in "Kellyland." I do only wish her the best and one on one she is quite lovely. When she is in a group situation something snaps. I really had no more patience to listen to her nonsense, that's what happens when you get away from it all like I did in Africa.

I found it difficult to comprehend Jill's excuse for the way she was speaking negatively about everyone. Her excuse was that she was trying to be funny?!? Really!?!? Jill never had one-liners like Bethenny and never will. There was nothing funny about any of her comments, they were all mean-spirited and came from a place of negativity. I also found it very interesting that Jill would say very angrily one minute "You're lying! Prove it!!" and then on a flip of a coin, "You're right, I did say that." I really do not know what's going on with her anymore and I hope she works it out and becomes a better person. Only time will tell.


Thanks so much for all your support and here's to a fantastic season! I had fun doing the show and exposing my life to all of you, even with all the drama and craziness. Please follow me on Twitter and join my Facebook fan page. I will continue to blog on Be sure to check out my newest jewelry in August and September for and for fabulous skin like mine, visit

PS - Tune in on Thursday night when I lose it with Jill!!! Also, can you believe how much Alex was talking? I could not get a word in edge wise, but it OK as I am glad she broke out! LOL!

All the best and to Turtle Time,

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