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Forget, But Don't Forgive

Sonja talks Yenta-ing, plastic surgery, motherhood, and Alex's "harsh words."

By Sonja Morgan


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Well Bravo TV viewers, I have to thank you. I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to have so many women come forward and say they identify with me and with the ups and downs of juggling motherhood and dating! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

SO ... I was screaming when Jill said LuAnn and I were out Yenta-ing her. How funny! And we really were. I couldn't stop my mouth. I was excited for Bethenny that she was pregnant, but also nervous because I did miscarry myself, and three months is early. I also felt the tension between Jill and Bethenny lingering, so I tried to make light of it and say Bethenny was hormonal and we should cut her some slack. I truly did deal with postpartum depression and no one pointed it out to me, and when you are in it you don't know. I figured it out later on my own. Long story.

I felt sick for Bethenny and Jason when the news of the pregnancy got out. At the same time I'm wondering, how did it get out? Who did they tell that leaked it? I like the way he communicates with Bethenny. He is really in touch with his feelings.

I was dying watching Jen and Jill at the Friars Club. Who is the member? Jen can't get a word in edgewise so let's just see if she delivers at the ice skating party. Jen looked professional and beautiful.

I always run around in gym clothes, great excuse and you never know when you can catch a yoga class. I have to admit when I showed my pooch to Dr. Bellin, you all must think I'm crazy, because it really doesn't look so bad! Honestly, I am very happy with my body, but I just wanted to be rid of the roll that came over the top of my jeans and popped the buttons out on my shirts. Dr. Bellin doesn't put you under anesthesia (risky for a mom), but I didn't have to recover for a week. Just two days after the surgery I was out to lunch with Ivana. I know Dr. Bellin will make sure I get the best results, no matter what. Ramona is a killer! She asked Dr. Bellin when he was board certified! 1973! He was shocked with her frankness, but I thought his responses were charming. His work speaks for itself, but I felt better with Ramona's examination of the situation!


I find Bethenny and Alex's friendship refreshing and with no strings attached. I thought Alex's comments about Bethenny as a mother were interesting because my Mom always told me, "The women you think may be the worst candidates for motherhood sometimes make the best mothers, and the ones you think will make the best mothers sometimes don't."

Jill didn't let Bobby get a word in edgewise when the show was about Zarin fabrics. I think her heart was in the right place, and I understand some men are not self-promoters and like a go-getter wife to take the reins. It was painful to watch, but she did it because you only get four minutes to get the end result. I get it. I've been there. I've done the PR for my strong, stoic-type guy before. By the way, I enjoyed my time on WPIX. Especially with the hair and makeup people. What a hoot. And they give you a great coffee cup.

Roberta Tavasolli is a very intuitive medium. She has advised and inspired me to be me for many years. She is right though that I can be too loyal sometimes to the wrong people. However, I am shocked she thinks I will be married in two years. I really am surprised I married the first time, and now I have a small daughter to consider!

LuAnn looked so elegant in that dress at her book signing! I understand how distracting it must have been when Jill and Kelly were talking in the front row. The energy goes away from the purpose of the event. It happens to me at my upcoming art show.

Alex looked very chic in worn jeans and a cool jacket at Ramona's party. With her midriff showing! Ramona loves her Pinot Grigio. Alex was proud to deliver the message, and everyone wanted to hear it, however, Alex definitely had some pent up anger. Alex's words came off harsh because her anger had been building for a long time. Jill is right - Sagittarians forget, but they don't forgive.

It was so nice of Alex to bring Bethenny cool pregnancy jeans. I had such a hard time dressing when I was pregnant and Alex genuinely did something nice for Bethenny from her heart. I also enjoyed seeing Bethenny without makeup; she is lovely. Bethenny and Alex definitely have shared pain when it comes to Jill.


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