Not My Idea of a Party

Not My Idea of a Party

Sonja explains what a real party is, and no, it shouldn't feature screaming and fighting!


Thanks for following me on Twitter and my Facebook page. It's all new to me but I hope I am sharing with the other housewives who watch concepts that make them feel they are not alone in the ups and downs of life.

I thought it proper for LuAnn to greet the first guests as I still needed to get ready (and who arrives right on the dot?), and I had been guesting and entertaining international friends in town for Denise Rich's Angel ball benefiting cancer so it was a busy, busy time for me. Firstly, I wanted to snatch that dress that Alex donated and wear it just once before getting it to the consignment store! It was beautiful. But it was a charity for the homeless and that wouldn't be right. Though I have to say it was timeless, so I wonder why Alex didn't keep if it still fits? I like having things in my closet that I know work for me.

LuAnn was upset about the confrontation between Alex and Jill but this was simmering for awhile. Alex was at the point of no return, and there was no way she could let things go. They obviously needed to share some feelings with each other first. With real friends I trust, I speak my mind right at the moment, feelings are exchanged and we move on. No one is perfect and we all have our quirks.

When I put my hair up it is because I didn't have time to blow dry, wash it, or it just doesn't go the way I wanted it to look. LuAnn showed up with her hair and make up done perfectly and had her dress in a garment bag ready to go. I always prepare my own events and wait until the last minute to get ready because I want to make sure my guests will be happy first. I arrange the flowers from the market, or the orchids from Home Depot in my own cachepots, make sure the bar is laid out properly and that the food is presented properly (especially since the food, wine and service is donated), that the room flows, music is right, staff is prepared and knows what is expected from them. I then check my texts, phone calls for friends who lost the address or forgot the time. LuAnn brought beautiful Mums for the garden and I wanted to highlight them as well.



Then I can tend to myself when I know the charity will be a success. I have been caught not made up and making last minute arrangements when the first guests arrive! A little embarrassing. I need 15 to 20 minutes to throw my hair up with that elastic hair piece thingy and do my own make up. I usually don't know what I will wear until an hour before the event and I select it from my own closet before I start to prepare the party. I buy the best I can afford and keep it forever. It was good LuAnn came with this concept of donating to the ACE for the homeless consignment shop because I needed to get rid of some things that will never fit me again, and this inspired me to do so. I tend to hoard, and hate to shop unless it's a blow out sale, or a sample sale. For my most public events I get loaners from top designers.

I like when Kelly took notice of Millou. She is so great with kids and animals.

I was trying to make small talk with Jill about fabric and pillows, but could tell she was upset with Alex being in the room. So I might as well have been talking to myself. Maybe Tinsley heard me. Alex had something to say for the first time and everyone had to scold her? What about Alex's feelings that are so obviously raw? But the conversation continued on about Jill and Bethenny. When Alex wanted to clear the air with Jill she got shut down, which is what I saw with Bethenny and Jill. Maybe Jill couldn't deal with Bethenny and Alex's feelings at the same time.

I loved watching Ramona talk about timing. She is the Queen of dropping bombs at the wrong time, but at least she owns it and moves on. I have to say, Jill always says she is done with a friend when things don't go her way. I hope we can have better communication since both of us are open, passionate Sag's. Having said that...when I am a good friend to someone and they do something that is conscientiously planned and disrespectful to me, they ARE over. I don't have time for emotional vampires. I still am not sure what Bethenny, Jill or Alex did because I was new to the scene and just an observer.

Ramona gave advice to Bethenny to let the past go as hard as it is and concentrate on her wonderful future. I felt terrible for Bethneny. To let your Father go like that and have so many loose ends must be painful and confusing. I feel Bethenny's past shaped her into a personable, sensitive, hard-working person and that is serving her well. I also sense she will be a terrific mom.


At the Eldridge, Coerte says the speed of the velocity of scandal can turn you into a star. How funny! I have my copy of Scandalocity and must read it as well as Jill's book which I started. When LuAnn was asked out by Coerte, I was skeptical. I've known him for 20 years, and he is The Shallow Man (his other book). I don't believe that the Gotham party was the first time Kelly ever stood on a table. Do you? I tried to lighten things up and told Alex she was having a great hair day, and the next thing I heard was Jen saying Coerte has bad hair and is gay. Out of nowhere! Boy, she speaks her mind! I admit I like drama, but more in the form of glamour and passion. I like to have a good time and make sure everyone else does as well. The Gotham magazine party was not my idea of a fun event.

Ramona's dress for her vow renewal ceremony is gorgeous. Avery is a renaissance beauty. Just beautiful. I can tell Avery is still digesting the concept of a "second" marriage and all that goes with it.

LuAnn was so nice to invite us to the spiritual Chopra Center. I also practice yoga to keep my self-centered and to remember what is important in my life. At the end of the day we have to be happy with ourselves in order to make others happy. Making others happy is our truest form of happiness. It goes full circle.

When Kelly was talking about raising two children alone and that she thought she would die and couldn't drive, I thought she meant after divorce. She meant during her marriage. I felt bad and felt her pain. I had a close marriage and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with my guy, and we made all decisions together. I never felt alone and had plenty of help. I could still relate to Kelly though, since I am really on my own now. It is a strong contrast to my married life. Not what I signed up for, but I am so fortunate to have my little one. With or without my ex. LuAnn shared some excellent points as well. When a man decides to leave....


I am so happy Bethenny had Jason during a trying time with her father. I think a lot of women can relate to this experience. The man is her father and she felt he wasn't there for her and now he will be gone forever. I know I idolized my father when I was young and didn't know what was expected from an adult until I was older. Mixed emotions indeed.

Loved the cleanse that Kelly brought me. I do these a couple of three times a year to be rid of toxins. When she came I was in the middle of planning two charity events at my home. Ace for the Homeless alongside LuAnn and for my dear friend Henry Buhl who does so much for so many and an art auction benefiting Ann Morgan's Blerancourt Franco American Museo. I guess she thought I had ONLY parties on the mind, but I love to celebrate with the special people I have met in my life, and I wanted to invite her and was excited to include her as a new friend. I went to Kelly's two events downtown for Gotham magazine. I am good friends with the owner Jason Binn and wanted to support them both, though it is a big effort for me to get downtown after doing homework, making dinner and snuggling/bathing my daughter before bedtime. I usually save downtown for the weekends when I go to downtown Cipriani's.

I was so happy to have lunch at my friend Julian Nicollini's restaurant The Four Seasons. Classic! I forced Ramona to have a special French wine, and she let her Pinot Grigo go for once! I got to know Jill a bit more and Ramona shared the news that she planned to renew her vows! I was honored to be invited and though I was daunted by the 4/5 day commitment away from my family, I was going to make it happen! Jill obviously had reservations and Ramona would not take no for an answer. Ramona did say she has been there for Jill and expected her to come. We shall see what happens next.

Oh! Jill was asking about my height. It all started with local beauty pageants and Saratoga Racetrack and Ballet. I know I am not the most beautiful or tallest model, but I looked at modeling as a way to see the world, meet exciting people and to get to know other cultures while saving money to buy my first apartment. I got very little work with the bigger high fashion agencies and got most my work through my own contacts, more commercial, or smaller fashion agencies. I also like to think my charm, work ethic and outlook on life helped!


I worked for Catalina swimwear, Norma Kamali, Randolf Duke, Diesel jeans, Marc Jacobs, Bumble and Bumble, Rio Chopper, assorted Furriers, shows at most the high end department stores, society/charity fashion shows for my favorite philanthropic ladies, made commercials for hair, sports events, and soap powder, and more. Did some acting. I had a ball and made some important international connections for my charities and endorsements - restaurants, clubs, resorts, custom tailors, my financial printer (public offerings), and venture capital deals. It's all about the places you go and the people you know.

I went all the way downtown to Jen's after getting my daughter to bed, and I watched the fighting over Bethenny continue. I was still confused as to what happened that was so bad that it got so intense. I was just an observer, but no one seemed to care about each others feelings. Meanwhile I was caught trying to eat something quickly off the window sill at the party. I was like, 'Where is the party? Where is the food? And where are the rest of the guests?!' Even the waiter was so nervous he handed me a drink while I still had my coat and hat on. Not my idea of a cocktail party. Waste of time and money, and no cause.

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