Love, Love, Love It!

Love, Love, Love It!

Teresa talks nudity, Kelly's "weirdness," Bethenny going overboard, and LuAnn's "underdog" status.


Thank you all for your amazing comments on my blog entries! It’s so cool to feel like I’m connecting with you all from all over the country. It’s one of the best parts of being on the Real Housewives and why I love it: getting to talk to so many great people.

I told you I read all the comments (and all my Twitters @teresa_giudice and Facebook comments), and I’m gonna prove it:

- JennaP: You are sooo right! The girls who always have to have the snappy comments are exhausting to be around. Maybe that’s it, I’m just exhausted by Bethenny (like I wasn’t exhausted enough with 4 little girls!)

- Bella0710: I was thinking exactly the same thing about Bethenny going overboard. When she actually had a sincere moment this week talking about how she wasn’t going to mess things up with Jason, I almost missed it because I was waiting for the cheesy one liner at the end. It was nice when she just smiled and stopped talking, wasn’t it?

- Marylyn: The idea of me and Bethenny teaming up because we’re so alike is very funny. That would be a freakin’ crazy team!

- Emily S: Your husband runs marathons? Tell him I said that’s amazing.

- Bluegrasslady78: Congrats on being the first comment. And I think my favorite.


So, now for the episode. This one was kind of insane. Nudity, a giant plastic horse and Lindsay Lohan??? Crazy!

I think Kelly was definitely the star of the episode. First we saw her with her girls at dinner. Her girls are completely gorgeous and so well behaved, but I have to say, I didn’t expect them to be so hilarious. Teddy was so funny: “If you’re not going to say something nice, then talk to the boobies, cause the hand’s off duty.” (You know I loved that!) Her girls reminded me of my own girls (especially Gia!), and I thought they really showed what a great mom Kelly is.

Kelly looked really beautiful during her Playboy shoot. I haven’t seen the final pictures, but when I was on Andy Cohen’s show with Jackie Collins, she said she’d seen them and that Kelly hardly showed anything. (I think she was kind of disappointed.) I was surprised we didn’t get to see Kelly’s photographer, her ex-husband Gilles Bensimon. I thought maybe he didn’t want to be on a reality show but he was on America’s Next Top Model (and Housewives is wayyy better than ANTM…).

I loved getting a tour of Kelly’s apartment. (How fabulous was her purse collection? Love it!) She has great taste. Her whole speech about wearing fur was so funny (“I’m a coldblooded person, so if I want to wear fur, more power to me.”). I think it’s refreshing that someone on TV can admit they drink beer, eat meat, and wear fur. Not everyone is a stick-thin, tofu-eater, right? I even loved it when Bethenny said, “Kelly believes that life is about cartwheels and roses and lollipops.” I think she meant it as an insult, but if I were Kelly, I’d take it as a compliment. Somehow Kelly’s “weirdness,” as her daughter Teddy called it, was a lot weirder last season. This season, she’s growing on me a lot. I really like Kelly’s optimism and how happy she is with her life. That’s how I am.


We also finally got to see Alex and Simon with their kids. Alex was making homemade pizza with her son on the counter helping her -- love love love it! Her boys are completely adorable. I don’t think kids climbing up the leg of someone is a big deal. I don’t have boys, but I know my Milania would do something like that. Kids are just full of energy. Who cares if they were jumping around? You want them to just sit on the couch and be vegetables?

I thought Alex’s house looked great. All the renovation work finally paid off. The one thing I didn’t like was Alex cackling about Jill only liking the underdog and LuAnn being an underdog now that she’s getting divorced. Maybe it was the wine, but I thought Alex was nicer than that. And there’s no way a countess who lives in the Hamptons and hosts parties for Ungaro is an underdog.

Finally, LOVE the Kelly's fur vest, LOVE Ramona’s dress at the Legends Ball, LOVE Bethenny’s big hair again.

Keep your comments coming! Love to hear from you all! And visit me at

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