Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories

Jill reflects on the season's big events and discusses Ramona's AA comments.

Can you believe how fast season four went by? I can't believe it is over. What a season it was! Morocco, LuAnn's music video, meeting and befriending Cindy, and the craziness. So many memories, some good, some not so good, but I try to be myself and believe that I am doing my best to be the best person I can be. Do I always succeed? Of course not. But we are all human. All of us.

I'm still rather upset with Ramona. Not at the fact that she was inaccurate about whether I am an alcoholic or not. But the fact that she found it completely fine to "out" someone in a program that is anonymous. I worry about how this will affect people watching this who may now fear going to AA and get help with their problem. Ramona claims that she did not know that AA was Alcoholics "Anonymous." I find that hard to believe. She knows she is wrong. Why can't she just own up to it?

On my website I have already received letters from people showing concern over her careless words. This is horrible. There is no shame in going to AA, whether it is for yourself or to support a friend or a loved one.

I think Ramona and the rest of us need to realize that there is a responsibility as to how far we should take our snarky remarks and opinions. When you are on television, people get influenced by your words at times. This is not a good message to have out there. I can only hope Ramona takes some time to reflect upon this and realizes where to draw the line in the future.

I really do feel I have changed since last season, but I think Ramona and Alex expected me to change only to their liking. I changed to make myself a better person and to smarten up and realize who my real friends are.

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