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Forgive But Never Forget

Kelly shares her true thoughts on Ramona, friendship, and "the pecking order."

By Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Jill's back, and we are all excited to see her. LuAnn and I organized a lunch to celebrate Jill's return. We didn't want to get involved in the childish games of Ramona but, we obviously had to loop Jill into the conversation. And of course, everyone wants to know why I'm having lunch with Ramona, so to get me ready for the "meeting" Sonja offers to role play.

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It was so unsettling at how well Sonja knows Ramona, and how open she was to the rudeness that Ramona displays on a daily basis. I don't have friends like that, and I don't want rude friends or acquaintances. People reflect you. So, if your friends are making bad choices, you ultimately look bad by default. I need to change the channel from Ramona. Her drunk text concerned me, and it was clear that Ramona was lashing out. It's time for me to clear the air.

Ramona and I met with Sonja for lunch. I was actually glad Sonja was there -- that way Ramona couldn't behave badly because there would be a witness. Ramona sat down after me, and immediately was disarming and apologized for not being a good friend or having my back in the Virgin Islands. Who wants a friend who can, and tries, to push you to tears? The definition of friendship doesn't mention anything about deliberately trying to hurt people or defame their reputation based on hearsay. "My next-door niece's friend from Uruguay heard this story about you, Kelly. . ."

Sonja wants to teach me a lot of things, whether I care to learn them or not. Here, she's teaching me how to cook. I felt like I was on a wannabe-Food Network set. I wasn't really sure about cooking in a toaster oven. We used those at college at Trinity. There are a lot of easy ways to cook. You don't need a gimmick to make good food. You just need ingredients, heat, and love.

I then learn about Sonja's hierarchy of friends. This sounds like a lost scene out of the movie, Pretty in Pink where the one girl tells the other the code of conduct. Now, I'm getting nervous. Why on earth is Sonja telling Cindy there's a pecking order? Really? According to whom? I'm sorry, I wasn't privy to this insight. Cindy is a very successful businesswoman and is an incredible woman. I've only known her for a few weeks, and I like her. I'm honestly unsure about what Sonja and Ramona have against Cindy. Jealousy is an ugly color that looks good on no one.

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