Ode to Jill

Ode to Jill

Kelly discusses this episode's awkward moments and her love for Jill.


I arrived late to Jill's surprise birthday party because I was hosting a party for Parker Pens. They in turn donated 10,000 pens to underprivileged school children. I was honored to be apart of the Parker Pen opportunity, which is why I gushed during my speech -- though you only saw my apology to the guests. Awkward!! I actually got a pen for my college graduation and am obsessed with the written word, and handwritten notes.

Cindy was nice enough to read Jill, the mini "Ode to Jill" I wrote. Jill and I got along the first time we met, and our relationship has endured all of the Housewives craziness. I'm even spending the weekend at her house with my youngest daughter. Sleepover!!!

I never had a Sweet Sixteen party. Rockford, Illinois didn't focus on a party, we focused on CARS. So, who's party did you like best? LuAnn's party for Victoria was teen-centric and looked like fun. Avery shared her party with her mom and her friends. Jill and I both went to both parties, and I found it odd that Sonja didn't support her long time friend, LuAnn.

Happy summer! The girls and I are in the city for a bit as they just finished camp. I'm selling my jewelry that's at Dash, W Hotels, and Wink, and working like crazy on my new book I Can Make You Hot. In the middle of working, the girls and I have been biking in the city, seeing tons of movies (loved Kung Fu Panda), and trying new healthy recipes.

Let me know your fun summer plans!

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